AIT says it is ready to take part in system management projects both private and public. It got two Village Internet projects worth Bt850mn in 1Q17. This increases its work on hand to Bt3bn as of May 9. It expects to book Bt2.3bn this year and rest next year. (Post Today, 12/05/17)
Comment: It does look like the entire IT industry is picking up this year – specifically those that are participating in projects from the government institutions

ASAP reported 1Q17 profit of Bt33mn, up 83% on high demand and recovery of the used car market. It will pay an interim dividend of Bt0.04/share, XD on May 22. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

ATP30 reported 1Q17 growth of 13.78% brought the provision of more services. It expects performance to continue to grow in 2Q17. It plans to develop its bus management system to support demand in the east and outskirts of the city. It continues to looking for new customers that it hopes will underwrite sales growth of over 15% in 2017. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/17)

BEAUTY reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt199.65mn, up 54.5% from 1Q16’s Bt129.22mn. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)
Comment: Still impressive numbers coming out of this company, who’s buying all of their products?

FSMART expects 1H17 performance to be good YoY from the more rapid installation of topup machines. It had 100,000 machines at the end of March. It expects 2017 performance to continue to a record high. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/17)
Comment: How long would it take for this company to double the number of top up machines? And if you were to think to another level, how many more services can they put through the top-up machines?

GFPT reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt424mn, up 54.29% with revenue of Bt4.11bn, up 5.6%. Behind this was 12.91% growth in broilers and processed chicken exports to Japan and Malaysia. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)
Comment: The positive surprise for this industry came from the bird flu issues out of the Americas, with that issue likely to be resolved within this year I am of the viewpoint that all the chicken names will suffer (again…)

GLOW reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt1.89bn, down 31.3% because of the planned shutdown of GHECO-One, Glow phase 5, and Houayho. It plans to take out a Bt3bn loan. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

IVL expects 2Q17 performance to continue to grow on seasonality and many PET orders as well as a cut in US corporate income tax. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

JMART expects to be market leader in the mobile segment after a 1Q17 net profit of Bt115mn, up 29% YoY with revenue of Bt2.95bn, up 19%. Behind this was the mobile business. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/17)

M posted 1Q17 net profit of Bt553mn, up 26.1% YoY while revenue was Bt3.79mn, up 5.8% YoY. Behind this is expansion of MK Suki and Yayoi Japanese restaurants and SSS growth. (Post Today, 12/05/17)
Comment: Looks like the news was incorrect with this announcement – fake news! Revenue’s were 3.8 bn. 

MAKRO reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt1.62bn or Bt0.34/share, up 29.3% YoY. Sales were Bt45.5bn, up 9.3% YoY on the back of SSS growth at 17 existing branches and sales from Indoguna Group, which completed the transfer of shares in Jan 2017. (Post Today, 12/05/17)
Comment: And this will drive CPALL going forward as well.

PRECHA expects a net profit in 1H17, up from the 1H16 net loss of Bt20.6mn, driven by better purchasing power, government stimulus measures and a marketing campaign that it believes will boost presales of PRECHA Rama 3. It plans to acquire land near BTS and MRT on which to launch new projects. It expects performance to recover significantly this year. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/17)

PTTGC reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt13.18bn, up 180% brought, of a better selling price and spread as well as a Bt1.52bn FX gain. It expects oil price to stay about US$50-55/bbl for the rest of the year. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

SAWAD reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt695.97mn, up 65.4% YoY. Its revenue was Bt1.68bn, up 49.02% YoY. (Post Today, 12/05/17)

SCI reported 1Q17 net profit of Bt6.26mn, up 214.89%. It expects substantial growth this year on the back of public investment in infrastructure and private investment in tower networks to handle demand. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

SGP reported 1Q17 earnings of Bt1.14bn vs. Bt40.16mn in 1Q16. Revenue was Bt14.34bn, rising from Bt11.59bn in 1Q16. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

SMART reported 1Q17 a net loss of Bt13.4bn, a fall of 52.04% YoY because of higher price competition brought by the economic slowdown plus lower gross and net margin from higher raw material cost. (Post Today, 12/05/17)

SMIT expects 2Q17 performance to be good brought by new orders from 2-3 clients. Its customers continue to order machines. It expects 3Q17-4Q17 performance to be good on seasonality. It expects 2017 revenue to grow 10% mainly driven by numerous EEC orders. (Thun Hoon, 12/05/17)

STA expects 2017 performance to back to the black from the 2016 net loss of Bt758mn. It expects net margin to reach 1-3% in 2017. It expects TOCOM rubber price to be not less than the 2016 average of US$1,500/ton. It expects to see positive signs for rubber price in 2Q17. (Post Today, 12/05/17)

TKN targets 2017 revenue to grow 15-20%. It expects 2Q17 performance to grow in line with tourism. It is budgeting Bt400mn to expand its plant capacity. It is talking to a prospective partner with an eye to achieving sustainable growth. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

VTE continues to invest in the power business. It expects revenue and net profit to mark a record high off its Bt3bn backlog. It is studying to invest in 3-4 Japanese solar farm projects. (Kao Hoon, 12/05/17)

  1. Whooa…
    healtcare stocks are really in a landslide-mode…. In general all bubble stock P/E are coming back to planet earth…

    Not sure if SET will touch 1200, but in case lets prepare the wallet, cause it will be the last time we could see those prices…

    • Healthcare stocks still aren’t cheap, but yes you should have a war chest of cash ready to pounce on any violent corrections in the market.

      On another note, I’m a bit concerned that the head of LH is caught up with that spaceship temple monk, helping Launder money and land etc. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes at LH with him at the helm

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