AJD gets Bt300mn from issuing warrants. The company is studying setting up a subsidiary with a Chinese partner to develop a solar farm. It expects sharp net profit growth in 4Q14 as its set-top box market share is at 50%. It said the issue of 11mn set-top box coupons will push its set top box sales up to more than 3mn boxes or Bt4bn. (Thun Hoon, 29/09/14)

AOT is confident that 2014 performance will grow and is preparing for AEC by focusing overall service development. The company believes the airport expansion will help it meet the growth in ASEAN’s economy and low-cost airlines. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)
Comment: Despite the tourism numbers showing a YoY decline, both airports in Bkk still look overwhelmed with business today.

APCO will hold a press release at the end of this year to announce the result of its big research on LIV products which is expected to help improve the lives of AIDS patients. It said it will continue focusing on its original products in the Operation BIM group for both home and abroad. It is confident that revenues this year will grow by at least 60%. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)
Comment: Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see speculators saying that APCO can now cure AIDS…

BBL keeps tight rein on Vietnam activity – Bangkok Bank (BBL) has kept a tight rein on its Vietnam operations to guard against souring loans amid the country’s economic uncertainties. Thailand’s largest lender by assets has remained focused on large corporate customers from Vietnam, Thailand and other countries in Asia, said Tharabodee Serng-Adichaiwit, general manager of BBL’s Vietnamese operations. (Bangkok Post, 29/09/14)

BTS waiting to sign for new ticket box system worth Bt330mn with the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) this October after it has agreed to lower its costs by Bt2mn plus provide free hardware system to the government. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)

FORTH expects better 3Q14 QoQ from 2Q14 revenue of Bt816mn. It has large backlog and is confident that revenue will be Bt4.5bn in 2014 as the communication business and top-up vending machines continue to grow. Management said the set-top coupon will help boost its sales. The company will list FSMART on 14 October. (Thun Hoon, 29/09/14)
Comment: Forth’s value is currently being held by FSMART, which will IPO in 2 weeks and is performing (I believe) incredibly well in Thailand today, but so-so in the Philippines.

MILL succeeds in acquiring TSSI as the court decided that MILL won and had the right to own the property. The cost was less than the Bt3bn anticipated and it expects it to generate revenue by early 2015, bringing its profit back into the black. (Thun Hoon, 29/09/14)

OCEAN planning to expand into the faucet market in Indonesia in preparation for the opening of the AEC. It expects to conclude the deal on who will be its partner to distribute its faucets brand DUSS by October before it starts sending its products to five main cities in Indonesia at the beginning of 2015. This will help push sales from abroad. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)

QTC said that it has won new work from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority worth Bt100mn. It expects the new work to help support earnings in 4Q14 and push it to a record high. It also expects to book Bt300mn of the current Bt400mn backlog within this year. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)
Comment: With the government up and running QTC & TRT Should both begin to be awarded projects again.

SENA shareholders okay cash and stock dividend worth a combined Bt0.079/share; XD on October 1st and payment on Oct 13th. The shareholders have also approved the purchase of land close to the Red Line from Tun Charoen Co., Ltd and Sinsap Thanya for Bt641.97mn and the issuance of debentures worth no more than Bt1.5bn with less than 5 years term to finance working capital. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)

S plans to increase free float to at least 15% via selling stocks to its partners. The company will conclude a 3-year plan in October 2014, launching a large mixed-use complex and plans to acquire hotels and properties; one deal is expected to complete in 2014. (Thun Hoon, 29/09/14)
Comment: As posted the other day, this isn’t surprising.

SCG looks beyond ASEAN for expansion – Siam Cement Group (SCG) aims to turn South Asia, Africa and the Middle East into its “next ASEAN” as Thailand’s top industrial conglomerate expands more aggressively beyond its strongholds in Southeast Asia in the next five years. Through investments in manufacturing facilities as well as mergers and acquisitions, Siam Cement looks to develop a bigger presence in these strategic markets, according to Bunn Kasemsup, managing director of the international arm SCG Trading Co Ltd. (Bangkok Post, 29/09/14)

SMART IPO sells out — SMART successfully sold all of its IPO shares to more than 8,000 investors. The company said the investors believed in the company’s strong fundamentals and sees its potential business growth. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)
Comment: First day pump!

TAPA says FY2014 earnings (Nov 2013 – Oct 2014) will be stronger than last year after booking more than Bt22.09mn in 9M14. It said earnings next year will reach a new high driven by a full year of revenue frosm its new factory in Kabin Buri. (Kao Hoon, 29/09/14)

TKT is confident that 2H14 will grow HoH after auto part sales recovered and it will book Bt100mn from selling moulds in 4Q14. The company has mould backlog of Bt60-70mn which will be booked in 2015. (Thun Hoon, 29/09/14)

Moody’s has upgraded TRUE’s credit rating to B2 from Caa1 in response to a more stable outlook after it successfully raised capital of Bt65bn. (Khao Hoon, 29/09/14)

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