AJP partnering with “MIC Broadcast” to develop 8 satellite channels. AJP said that five of the channels are expected to go on air this year. This will help raise revenue and margins. Revenue is expected to start flowing in 4Q14. It said it is looking for more partnerships. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)

APURE gets large five-year OEM from a Japanese customer. The contract is said to be worth billions. Foreign investors offered to buy shares at 2.5x book value or Bt2.50/share. 3Q14 performance is expected to be strong, supported by a surge in orders in July-August. Revenue is expected to grow by 25-30% this year. (Thun Hoon, 04/11/14)
Comment: Doesn’t this just sound a bit ridiculous?

Ch 3 gets ultimatum – The national broadcasting regulator yesterday gave Channel 3 no more than 15 days to map out a strategy for simulcasting its analog programs on the digital platform, or it will be barred from broadcasting via satellite and cable, according to an official. (The Nation, 04/09/14)

Bt6-6.5bn from IMPACT REIT — BLAND management says it will book extraordinary income of Bt6-6.5bn from the sale of IMPACT REIT this year after the REIT units are sold to investors on Sep 8-12 & 14, plus proceeds from the sale of 50 rai in Srinakarin area. It expects the land sale to be concluded within the next 1-2 months and booked as revenue by the end of the year. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)
Comment: The REIT will keep BLAND’s share prices strong for the rest of the year, what will BLAND do with its huge amount of cash? Buy more land? Do more projects or pay a massive dividend?

CENTEL expects 2014 revenue of Bt19bn. It will move forward to expand its food and hotel business both abroad and at home. It said 4Q14 will be strong on seasonality. It will sign 10 more contracts for hotel management this year and conclude a deal for acquisition of a Myanmar hotel by the end of the year. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)
Comment: A B grade version of MINT, horrible on the food side, great yields on the hotel side.

JUBILE says revenue this year will grow at least 20%, supported by sales growth of 12-14% at each branch. It plans to open 22 new branches to bring total branches to 130 by the end of the year. Its mid term plan is to invest Bt700mn to increase the number of branches to 200 by 2016. It said its flagship store will open at the end of 3Q14. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)

Share price surges again on second day of trading to reach ceiling again at Bt5.85/share with orders pending for 33.81mn shares. However, the underwriter said that price has surpassed fair value of Bt2.60/share. Management said the price increase was probably due to speculators. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)
Comment: No surprise, market-makers, speculators have been enjoying themselves tremendously in the past 6 months.

PF aims to sell its 20% stake in KLAND to a company owned by K. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi for no more than Bt1bn. It expects a deal to be reached by November. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)

SALEE confirms revenue growth of at least 25% this year. It reports that after the return of political stability, orders have returned. It is also undertaking a study to set up a plant in Myanmar and expects the plan to be finalized by 2015. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)

SMM sees chance of turnaround in 3Q14 since satellite TV has returned to air as usual, plus the broadcasting rights for “Volleyball Grand Prix”. Management expects revenue to reach its target of 2014 Bt800mn, followed by Bt1bn next year. It will expand more into sports news. (Thun Hoon, 04/11/14)

UAC plans to acquire 2-3 more businesses at home and expects to invest Bt500-1,000mn to expand its alternative energy business. It expects revenue this year to reach target of Bt1.2bn. (Kao Hoon, 04/11/14)
Comment: A wonderful company, just waiting for its alternative energy plants to get up and running and then they’ll list a their holding vehicle.


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