AKR branches out from power transformer business to solar rooftop turnkey contractor, Bt450m backlog to realize this year, maintaining Bt1.6b full year revenue target.

Comment: The numbers make sense for this solar business as the owner i.e. factories etc, payback period is fast, hence why one shouldn’t be surprised to see

GFPT maintained 7.7k tons poultry exports volume target to China, flat yoy, expects earning bottom-out 1Q from supply chain & logistic disruption, 2nd production line expects to re-open in 4Q after hit by fire incident last year.

Comment: Given what we’re about china in general, most of the major cities are up and running and food businesses there look to be back to YoY growth by June

KTC & AEONTS expected to suffer the most from NPL on unsecured loans and card business as job losses mount, Tabloid

NCH delays launch plan to 2H, aims to purge existing inventories on hand, Bt400m to transfer this year, maintaining Bt1.6b revenue target.

SCB cuts interest charge on credit cards to 12% from 18% for 48 months; BAY cuts P-loan interest charges to 22% from 28%.

Comment: Hence why Thai banks are going to be in pain for a long time

SYNTEC firms on Bt8.7b revenue target, Bt8.2b out of Bt11b backlog to realize this year, focus on small projects to allow faster transfer, recurring income from 2 service apartments, Natural Ville & Eight Thonglor to provide cushions.

MOF will join meeting with State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) and THAI’s management tomorrow to find possible solutions on restructuring plan.

Comment: Watch this name

NBTC call for emergency meeting with telcos operators today to roll out remedy package for subscribers, mulls to cut airtime by 10-30% on pre & post paid.

Comment: This could be negative for the telcos unless the government subsidizes it

  1. THAI.. is there anything positive that can come out of this, in SP trading terms ? I’m reminded of Obama’s electioneering comment : “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,”

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