AKR: branch out from transformer manufacturing business to turnkey solar rooftop, aiming to capitalize opportunity from existing clients, expects big jump next year.

Comment: The turnkey solar rooftop market is incredibly saturated atm….

JKN: reaffirms solid 3Q from drama content sales to Malaysia, Phil & India clients, sees positive sales momentum 4Q from media high season and new clients from Taiwan, Bruni & Bhutan, maintaining 10% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: I’d still like to see all this in the numbers

LH: upbeat 2H earnings from higher associate income as HMPRO, QH, Q-CON and LHFG operation gradually improve since reopened, maintaining launch plan 2 SDH projects total Bt 5.37b in 4Q, firms on Bt 28b FY20 presales target.

NRF: seasoning, health supplement and plant-based food manufacturer, NR Instant Produce, debut IPO 340m shares at Bt 4.6 apiece.

Comment: A great pop ATO. But here’s a question, why is this company being touted as a plant-based food manufacturer? Less than 10% of revenues are from this segment….it’s just a marketing spin IMO despite management saying they aim to make this segment grow 30-40% p.a. from 2020-2023. 

PTT: delay listing of retail arm, PTTOR, to 1H21.

Comment: We’re hearing that PTTOR is going to be valued ~11-12x PE. 2021 

RATCH: Social Security Office raised holding by 0.0689% to 5.0162% of total outstanding on October 2, SEC filing.

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