ALLA: expects earnings bottom out 2Q from one-off employee expense, will transfer crane projects for CPALL warehouse, GULF powerplants, SIRI & PSH precast concrete plant & PTT’s gas separation unit in 2H, firms on 10% revenue growth target.

BA: cod code share partnership with Turkish Airlines covers 16 domestic & international roundtrip routes.

Comment: I always thought that this company should be trading higher than where it currently is…shame about the insider trading by the management…

ILINK: signs procurement contract to supply fiber optic & equipment for army worth Bt 98m.

Comment: Could this finally be foreshadowing that all those postponed projects from 3 years ago will come back?

MINT: expected to bk EUR 62m (Bt 2.2b) gains from disposal of assets in 3Q.

Comment: NH Hotels did report great numbers, but MINT’s share price didn’t move.

TMB & TBANK: expected to sign a merger agreement within August, extraordinary meetings of both banks held on September, capital increase to facilitate amalgamation will be top agenda.

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