ALLA expects 2016 revenue to grow 20% with backlog of Bt282mn. It expects most of its backlog to be booked this year. It expects to get a Bt200mn project in 2Q17. (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)
BAY targets 2017 personal loan growth of 11% from last year’s Bt645bn on high demand. It targets savings deposits to grow 2.2% this year, with a focus on SME and personal assets under management. It plans to expand to CLMV to increase revenue from abroad. (Thun Hoon, 21/03/17)
Comment: Despite liking this bank, I don’t see the Japanese planning to do anything to increase liquidity, they don’t particular care as is shown the AEONTS which has had liquidity issues for years.
BCPG signed a sales and purchase agreement with CAIF III Pte. Ltd. to acquire shares of Petro Wind Energy, a wind power operator in the Philippines on March 17, 2017 for not over US$28.5mn (approximately Bt1bn). (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)
BIG expects 2017 net profit to mark a record high with 20% revenue growth. It is budgeting Bt120mn for store expansion. (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)
Comment: This we have our doubts on, unless there is a new product/segment that they are going to target.
CPALL expects 1H17 performance to be better than 2H16 on the back of recovery in purchasing power and revenue contribution from MAKRO. (Thun Hoon, 21/03/17)
Comment: Still a compounding growth machine plus with debts/interest payments decreasing 
CPF expects 2017 performance to be good from full year revenue contribution from 11 companies that it purchased last year. It expects to benefit from recovery in broiler price plus lower cost, growth in the shrimp business and exports. It expects 2017 net profit to grow 10.2% to Bt16.2bn. (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)

CSS targets 2017 revenue of Bt5-5.2bn, up 10-20%. Its backlog is Bt1.6bn. It plans to take part in bids for both public and private projects. It expects to get a Bt7bn project from DTAC. (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)
KOOL expects 2017 revenue growth of 40% brought by large orders on seasonality. It expects to offer products via modern trade, targeting 580 stores this year. It has budgeted Bt60mn for marketing and developing new products. (Kao Hoon, 21/ 03/17)
PK expects 1H17 performance to be robust on the back of large orders, both local and foreign. It recently got orders from clients in Europe, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Spain. It targets exports to comprise 30%. It is budgeting Bt200mn to increase its capacity to handle upcoming orders. (Thun Ho on, 21/03/17)
RP targets 2017 revenue growth of 5-10% with a target of 1.4-1.5mn passengers. It is talking to 1-2 Chinese airlines and expects talks to be finalized in 2H17. It is studying opening more two routes: Krabi-Koh Lanta and Krabi-Koh PP. It plans to buy two more ferries to add to its current fleet of 13 . (Thun Hoon, 21/03/17)
Comment: It’s a fairly straight forward business, here the question will be, at what point will there be a limit to on the number of passengers that it can take to and from destinations and would it be regulated by the government to prevent overcrowding.
SNC expects robust performance on seasonality. It sees a positive outlook from high demand for electrical appliances. It expects to get more orders for air conditioners. It expects its new plants to increase productivity. (Thun  Hoon, 21/03/17)
SENA targets 2017 revenue to grow 20% from last year brought by high demand. It plans to launch 10 new projects valued at Bt12bn. It expects this to increase its backlog from Bt3-4bn, sufficient to cover revenue until 4Q17. (Thun Hoon, 21/03/17)
Comment: No surprises, plus they have that massive solar project where they are equity owners
TKS targets 2017 revenue growth of 8% from 2016’s Bt1.46bn, backed by growth in its packaging business and investment abroad. It targets 2017 exports to comprise 10% from 5%. (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)
TVD expects 2016 revenue to grow 16% to Bt3.99bn by focusing on food and cosmetic business. It plans to acquire one or two call center businesses; it will provide an update in April. (Kao Hoon, 21/03/17)

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