ALLA expects 2017 revenue to grow 30% from last year on the back of Bt400mn backlog, expects Bt300mn to be booked in this year. It plans to take part in crane providers for 3-4 clients in waste power plants (valued about Bt40-50mn/client). It is budgeting Bt150-180mn to expand its warehouse and factory. (Kao Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: Sounds great, so how is a company with such a small revenue base trading with a market cap of THB 1.8 bn
BCH is budgeting Bt515mn to set up a subsidiary in Laos, in which it will take a 76% stake. This company will engage in the hospital business. It expects the deal to be done in 2Q17. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: People are pricing in the turnaround of WMC.
Taiwanese investors are interested in BEAUTY shares on the back of its strong fundamentals and good performance. It expects a deal soon. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 20% thanks to more customers. It is budgeting Bt150mn to open new stores and renovate its office. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
CHEWA expects 2017 revenue to grow to Bt2bn on more transfers. It expects two condos, valued at Bt1.7bn to complete construction in 3Q17. It plans to launch SDH, twin detached home, and condos with a total value of Bt3-4bn. (Kao Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: A fairly straightforward story here, constantly recycling capital to continue its growth. At one point this will be worth a look. 
COMAN expects 2017 performance to grow 20% after expanding dealers abroad. It expects to acquire a tourism-related business by 2019, which will boost revenue. (Kao Hoon, 26/01/17)
CPALL denied news that it is bidding for a retailer in Poland named Zamka, for Bt56bn. (Kao Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: And that has helped boost the sentiment for the stock!
DEMCO got an electricity station project from EA, valued at Bt578mn. This will boost its performance this year. It plans to take part in private and public bids. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: 2 worries left here, 1) How much more will the have to pay on the business loss 2) WEH listing (if at all)

FER plans to invest in 4MW biogas power plant. This will contribute revenue immediately as it has already COD with PEA. It is budgeting Bt550mn to acquire Star Gas, which will generate more revenue. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
FPI got a Bt100mn project from Europe. It expects 2017 performance to be a record high. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 10% with backlog of Bt800mn, of which 50% is expected to be booked this year. It plans to invest in a 7.5MW biomass power plant. ( Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
MTLS targets loan growth of 50% in this year. It plans to open 600 branches and keep NPL under 1%. It plans to hold a roadshow abroad to increase the portion of foreign investors from 3.2%. ( Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: How can MTLS keep its NPL’s at less than 1% when KTB is at 4%?
QTC expects the transformer business to be good this year with backlog of Bt500mn. It plans to take part in Bt1bn in MEA bids soon. It targets 2017 revenue of Bt1.2bn. It expects to complete a deal for a 220MW solar plant in Myanmar. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
RS is budgeting Bt700mn to improve content quality. It plans to implement what it calls “The 8-perience” strategy for its programs to raise its rating to 550,000 viewers/min, which would bring in revenue of Bt1.9bn. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
Comment: The driver here may actually be with their cosmetic business
S plans to launch three projects with total value of Bt15.13bn. It targets presales to reach Bt6.76bn. The first project is expected to launch in 1Q17. It targets 2020 revenue to hit Bt20bn. (Kao Hoon, 26/01/17)
SCC reported 2017 net profit of Bt56bn, up 24%. It will pay dividend of Bt10.5/share on 2H16 performance. It expects 2017 revenue to grow 10% brought by its petrochemical unit and demand for cement. (Kao Hoon, 26/01/17)
SITHAI is talking to acquire both local and foreign businesses. It expects a deal in 1H17. It is budgeting Bt850mn to buy machines and expand its plants in Vietnam and Myanmar. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 12-13% to Bt10.5bn. It expects to get more orders from clients in Europe and the U.S, boosting revenue.  (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
TPIPL expects 2017 revenue to grow from 2016 on the back of government disbursement for infrastructure investment projects. It expects this to increase demand for cement and plastics. It also expects the power business to contribute revenue. (Bangkokbiznews, 26/01/17)
TVT expects 3Q17 to be peak on the back of new programs. In expects to have 15-16 programs at the end of 2017. It expects revenue to grow 20-25%. It is budgeting Bt50-100mn to invest in the online business, with a decision in 3Q17. It targets revenue to hit Bt1bn within 3-5years. (Thun Hoon, 26/01/17)
  1. dow passes 20,000
    SET touches 1,600 this morning…
    Trump euphoria running high but I agree with xavi plus some geopolitical tensions (see U.S. vs. China) are behind the corner…

    ps: ” TVT targets revenue to hit Bt1bn within 35years”
    with technology advance, I’m not even sure we will have tv in 35 year from now…. more probably some virtual reality glasses connected to internet…

    • This is a perfect time to be echoing Warren Buffet..”be fearful when others are greedy”

      THere will be a correction at some point…Punters buying at these levels will be left holding the bag when the music stops.

        • Well, Jay, my comment was more directed at people that are buying at these levels rather than the inevitable correction, but then again I don’t know if your comprehension skills picked up on this subtle point?

          • Here’s a few questions – if you’re already 100% invested at these levels, how much cash would you increase? What type of names would you exit and why?

          • Buying big caps at this level may be a mistake but a quick look at volumes this past week shows significant local/retail/institution buying in mid and small caps. The end of the week was the exception as foreign investors ploughed cash into AOT, CPALL and PTT.

            Fundamentals as a whole are still good, and outlook for banks is looking much better due to SSI rehabilitiation, digital TV negotiations, and the rise in interest rates this year.

            The SET week chart temporarily broke the long-term resistance level of ~1580 but severe profit-taking meant it could not stand above this point for even a day. Depending how much you believe in technical analysis, this could either mean 1) breaking through means we’re going to see ~1810 by December or 2) it was a false signal and we’re headed sideways down to ~1350

            Having said that, I’ve no idea where the market is going next week, or whether this is the top. To say so seems quite pretentious imo!

            Happy Chinese New Year all…

        • That must have been a bad market day.

          From Boardwalk Empire: “Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not true.” Those who categorically reject technical analysis–in this market, in this culture–may be throwing away ammunition. The SET hit 1600, I started laughing: cat sitting on a hot plate.

          I’m hedged. Maybe both ends will work. They never have before…but this time it’ll all be different.

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