ALT in JV with RATCH in underground cable optic investment.


ANAN to spend up to Bt8b to buy land for the development of 10 residential projects worth Bt38b +42% yoy, Bt36b presales +14% yoy, and Bt36b +9% transfers, to focus more on mid to upper-end segment.

Comment: Fact remains, last year they hit it out of the park far above everyone’s estimates.


ESSO target gasoline sales volume +3-4% yoy, sets Bt2b capex to add 40 stations and revamps existing branches to boost non-oil revenue, expects higher chemical margins from higher paraxylene price.

Comment: I’m still waiting to hear the rumour again that ESSO is up for sale. It’s happened 3x in the past 8 years


GUNKUL 35mw JPN solar on track to cod in March, will join bidding for floating solar projects at 5 dams from and submarine cable projects, target to win >30% of Bt30b total bidding.

Comment: Hmmmmm…..this firm…to me has one shady track record with its projects


JKN in talk 5 DTV channel to supply contents, already signed deal with 2 channels, new JKN CNBC program on air in 2Q19, target revenue growth >20%.

Comment: The way the owner is moving shares around must be questioned.


TEAMG signs consultancy contract with state railway to prepare feasibility study for dual-track railway Si Racha-Rayong and Map Ta Phut – Khlong Yai route.

Comment: Similar type of business to PPS, questions will remain around its scalability and accounting of project revenues and profits.


ZEN, a JPN restaurant, to sell IPO at Bt13 apiece, subscription from February 7-8 and 11, Kasikorn Securities is lead underwriter, listing on February 20.

Comment: This could be good. MK part deux?  I think Zen has a better portfolio of restaurants than MK Suki, however MK has the brand power that Zen doesn’t and arguably are better operators

  1. Re: Mk, the most dominant Suki Hotpot brand in the market and its not even close, Zen on the other hand, literally a dozen japanese chains operating and competing for the same market share on top of small independents, i predict Zen will be a massive flop unless they can attractively price their IPO, doubt it though..

    • Agreed that compared to 10 years ago Zen itself doesn’t have the same brand cache as a Japanese restaurant. However the strength may be in their portfolio. The Thai filing is already public some interesting numbers in there.

  2. Well looks like the next months wont be boring… im really surprise of the last candidate news, maybe Pon you have a brighter view on the meaning of this move

    • Was told about it a few days ago from Indonesia of all places…

      Not sure what I can add publicly to the debate…@ the end of the day, I still presume a stale/weak coalition government. No one in politics ends up with a positive memory. And what will happen if she’s there for too long and things go sideways…unnecessary risk for the country.

      But in one fell swoop the military party is neutered.

      So in the end
      FANTASTIC short term 1-2 years
      negative mid term 2-4 years
      incredibly negative long term. 4+ years
      but things can change…

      • Ok, this market gives me a headache, i just took profit from a large chunk of Intuch before finacial gravity hits it in the face. Incredibly mediocre earning report and 2019 guidance being offered and yet the stock keeps going up along with AIs into the afternoon. bkkpost comes out with the theory that The TR party will some how save all of Thaksins legacy businesses of it can muster enough power… So difficult to trade the sentiment when the numbers just dont back it up.

        • Ignore the sentiment. Follow the #’s. I know you you know this.

          Sentiment gives us the opportunity to buy things cheap and sell them expensive.

          Although I’m now of the viewpoint that the restrictions placed by the SET make it harder for stocks to be pushed the way they used to be.

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