AMA raised land transport utilization to 85% from 80%, better April than Jan, on higher rate and margin, brighter 2Q post vessel maintenance, adding new vessel in 2H.

AP reports Bt17.5b 1Q presales, on higher demand in all segment, plans 22 new projects in 2Q worth Bt27.7b.

CHAYO bought Bt29.04m of bad debts in 1Q, keeps Bt10b FY24 target, as the bulk of them will be in 2H, to list Chayo Capital by end of yea .

Comment: Not quite anything to special to shout out from the rooftops…but it’s the usual annual game, where BAM overpays in the first 9M of the calendar year…and then every other player fights for the best bits in the 4Q

GULF outlines expansion, eyes Middle-East, strong contribution from ADVANC, THCOM, data center to CODed next year, sets 30-40% market share for Gulf-Binance.

Comment: Expand into the Middle East for…? how..?

MGI, who just took a 1.7% stake in SABUY, is unfazed by SABUY’s collapsed share price, -60% in 2 days, still maintain 100% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: MGI – You’ve got the sabuy stink on you, wtf is this?

PK sees strong growth this year, as extreme hot weather boosts ice makers and fridges sales, target Bt3b revenue, supported by Bt1b backlog and ASEAN expansion.

PLT in talks with 2-3 new potential clients for chemical transport contracts, to conclude in 2H, sets Bt500m capex for new vessel, keeps Bt1b revenue target.

SABUY is looking for partners for its various businesses, hoping to reduce stake to 50-60% and repay Bt1.5b bond end of year, falling share price may have caused by forced-sale.

Comment: I’ve warned you all forever, it was a POS, it is a POS, and it will continue to be a POS. And now he’s runaway, dumped his shares to MGI (wtf?!) and has screwed everyone over (legally). There’s a stink on ex-standard chartered bank Thailand folks from the 90’s….now I’m just waiting for a certain purple chicken ceo to be flung into R10’s dungeons.

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