Government Saving Bank appointed TMB to be FA for acquisition of iBank’s leasing subsidiary, AMANAH, to expand non-bank auto title loan business, finalized by end of October.

Comment: So is this the vehicle that the government will use to supply liquidity to the country?

CHAYO: board approved moving from MAI to SET, will proceed after being approved by the exchange.

Comment: Will this baby JMT rock n roll and achieve the same valuations as JMT?

CPN sees recovery in 2H as traffic has reached 85% of pre-covid level, yet to cut 5-year capex from Bt22.3b to Bt11b.

Comment: A bit higher than I initially thought possible, but if you walk around the more local areas i.e. Pinklao, Ladprao etc its as if nothing has changed.

GULF’s new 1,066 capital increase share will be tradable today, 10:1 new @ Bt30.

MCS board approved write off 23m treasury shares (4.6% of paid up) as shares unsold aft repurchase prog expired within 3 years (dued September 26, 20), expecting to boost FY21 EPS to Bt1.95/share from 1.86 prior, Tabloid.

Comment: Those silly share buybacks….from what I remember that was around 15-25 baht/share.

JTS announced collaboration with Korea Telecom to expand hyperscale data center & cloud service, expects value additions to parent co., JAS’s broadband business.

TRUBB upbeats outlook from healthy demand for latex, target full year sales volume no less than 140kt record in FY19, will list rubber thread producer subsidiary, World Flex, on SET next year.

Comment: Still am kicking myself for missing the rubber trades…

THCOM expects to win iPSTAR & THCOM6 satellite operating contract after transfer assets to state telcos, CAT, sees opportunity in LEO (Low-Earth-Orbit) broadband satellite as fiber becomes obsolete thanks to faster data transfer & lower latency. 

  1. A positive for TMB? I am always lurking when it’s SP drops below .90
    PS tks for the further comments on the PTTOR IPO. Must check which bank(s) are handling subscriptions.

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