AMARIN: co., name changed to Amarin Corp, ticker unchanged, effective today.

ASIAN and its unit, AAI, are ready to move production base to Vietnam or Philippines if new government raises minimum wage to Bt450.

Comment: This is a convenient excuse for the company to invest overseas. It’ll be more to do with FTA’s from the countries to China/EU/US versus production cost.

CI sees 2H turnaround from kick-off transfer of The Issara Sathorn condo & 2 hi-end SDH projects (The Issara Rama 9 & Bangna), Bt1b out of Bt2b backlog to realize this year, maintain full year launch plan 3 projects total Bt4b (Bkk, Phuket & Hua-Hin), collaborates with 2 agents IFCG & Vbeyond to boost sales of The Issara Chiang Mai & Blue Sapphire Tew Talay condo project.

Comment: They know how to build quality products, but to make $ for minority shareholders – that’s a different question.

CIVIL firms on Bt10b contracts to build Thai-Chinese high speed train Banpho-Phrakaew, firms on Bt6b revenue target this year, on Bt11b backlog.

DITTO appoints Token X to be advisor for its carbon credit token, Bt400m initially and back by 10K rai of mangrove forest, while on track to swap 27m shares of DITTO with 45m shares of SIT, with immediate revenue recognition.

EKH sees OCC IPD beds reach 90% on resurgence of Covid sub-variant XBB 1.16, upbeats 3Q traffic on rainy season, mulls revising up room rate by 10%.

MAJOR collaborates with ITC to debut per friendly theatre, i-Tail PET Cinema.

Comment: Found this to be amusing, it’s going to a noisy, stinky theatre, then again…there are lots of (single) ladies that choose to have a pet dog instead of a family&kids these days in Bangkok. I blame disney for this.

SHR upbeats 2Q earnings from strong OCC in Apr (Thailand 84%, UK 72%, Maldives & Fiji 67%) expects full year overall OCC >70%, RevPar back to pre-Covid level, expects full year revenue exceed Bt10b, sets Bt1.7b capex to revamp 16 properties (13 UK, 2 in Thailand and 1 in Fiji) to boost ADR by 10-25% post upgrade.

Comment: Usual play…accumulate until everything is back to normal…

STARK will resume trade for 1 month from June 1-30 for cash account, but will be suspended again after that if it fails to submit its complete financial statement by that date.

Comment: The first trading day is going to be nuts! 3PM today, they’re having a public call.

WAVE: co., name changed to Wave Exponential, ticker unchanged, effective today.

WHAUP cod 19.44mw solar rooftop for Prince Chengshan Tire (phase 1), inked deal phase 2 (4.8mw), lifts total capacity to 703.19mw.

    • It’s going to be amusing. Now, would you want to buy up the shares knowing that after 30 June it won’t be traded again? Or it may come back to trade once it is “cleaned Up” I’ve had experience with LVT on this. It’s tough to bring a company back unless you’re the sole owner with tonnes of capital….

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