AMATA is going to budget Bt1bn to buy more land in EEC area and plans to raise utilities prices, which will lead 2018 revenue up from this year. It believes 2017 revenue will reach target after achieving Bt3.94bn revenue in 9M17. It currently has backlog of Bt1.96bn and will gradually book revenue from Thai-Chinese project. (Thun Hoo n, 28/11/17)
Comment: Just imagine that there are delays in the EEC plan (as is already being hinted in the news) 
AMATAV targets 2018 transfers to be close to 2016’s 23-24 hectares and expects revenue to be close to this year as well. It views demand for land will be still high in tandem with the growth in the economy. It expects to get a license for Amata City Halong investment within this year. (Thun Hoon, 28/11/17)
BCPG targets earnings to grow by 15% annually in 2018-22, backed by the expansion in renewable energy power plants at home and overseas. It has budgeted Bt10bn to increase its capacity and says 2018 results will be outstanding, as it is going to book revenue from selling 150 MW. (Thun Hoon, 28/11/17)
EA has budgeted Bt15-20bn to build battery factory phase 1 and targets 2018 revenue to grow by 20-30% in tandem with the increase in booking electricity sales. It plans to COD a 260 MW wind power plant in mid-2018 and believes it will maintain gross margin of at least 48%. (Thun Hoon, 28/11/17)
Comment: I do hope that the battery investments work out as expected, I’m still of the viewpoint that it won’t as the technology continuously advances, I don’t see the taiwanese firm being able to compete. 
PTT is postponing its plan to list PTTOR in the stock market in 2018 to 2019, as completion of the asset transfer has been delayed to 2H18 from December 2017. It is going to propose a joint venture investment in the hotel business next month to the board . (Khao Hoon, 28/11/17)
RS believes 2018 revenue will make a new high at Bt5.3bn supported by growth in the beauty business. It plans to launch more products and is going to submit a filling to change from the media sector to the commerce sector. It also plans to raise Channel 8 advertising rates by 45% and to expand to two new businesses. (Thun Hoon, 28/11/17)
Comment: And thats just driving the price for the past few months
SCN partners with BCP to add fuel oil refueling station in its NGV gas stations under the Bangchak brand. Its first three stations will be in Khon Kaen, Prachinburi and Rayong, with investment cost of Bt96mn. It has signed contract with PTT to buy natural gas. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/17
SIRI’s presales from three days of Sansiri Life Comes Home 2017 reached Bt9bn. This raises its current presales to Bt34bn, accounting for 85% of its 2017 target of Bt40bn. (Khao Hoon, 28/11/17)
THCOM settled a deal with TOT to extend the contract to provide high speed internet signal for TOT through iPSTAR for three years (2017-2020). This will help TOT maintain its existing customers base, raise service effectiveness and expand to new businesses. (Thun Hoon, 28/11/17)
Comment: There’s still a lot of potential and value within this company but it requires the company and the government to see eye-to-eye…
TTA says 2018 results will grow from 2017’s after freight rate looks to be higher than US$10,000 per ship per day. It plans to add more ships and expand its pizza business by 20 branches. It also says 4Q17 results will be better than 3Q17’s. (Thun Hoon, 28/11/17)
Comment: Still a rather odd “holding company”, if you want shipping go to PSL, if you want a good F&B operator go to MINT

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