AMATA expects jump start investments in EEC area following clarity of formation of new govt, sees IE lands trnsfr accelerate in 2Q, in talk to sell 320 acres land to clients, m/t 430 acres full yr sales t/g.

Comment: Both WHA and AMATA are betting heavily on the EEC plan to pull them through

AU in talk 2-3 partners to expand franchise abroad, will debut 1st dessert café in HK in 3Q, t/g 6 outlets by eoy, firms on 15% full yr rev growth t/g frm 10 newly launched prods and 10 new outlets frm 31 branches eo-FY18, sees all time high profit this yr.

Comment: We’ve been reading about these international franchises since they went public. 

BGRIM to cod 677mw VN solar in Jun, 98mw hydro pp begins construction in 2H,firms on 15% full yr rev grwth t/g

Comment: There’s still a huge requirement for power in Vietnam, and BGRIM is going to benefit from this.

DDD to launch 8 skin care prods in 2H, seeks to boost sales from Indon and VN, in talk M&A 2-3 partners to expand prod portfolio, t/g to seal at least 1 deal this yr.

Comment: Multi product multi categories lets see how this plays out for them. I wonder how we can figure out to value them based upon domestic demand first and then tourist demand. Then again a major Korean player has 70% of it sales from Chinese tourists

DTAC teams up state agency, TOT, to launch broadband biz, Dtac@home, to capitalize 2,300 MHz spectrum and synergy frm mobile, broadband and FTTx.

EA sees big jump 2Q frm larger power gen capacity yoy at 664mw since Apr, expts erngs peak 3-4Q frm improved climate for wind turbine, reaffirms rec high prft this yr

Comment: Basically their EV story has to work out or the shares will drop back to the 20s

FPI upbeat 2H earnings from recognition of Toyota parts ord, expects to get 4 OEM cntrcts worth Bt250-300m w/in 1H, Bt450m out of Bt900m backlog to realize this yr, eyes 10% reg grwth t/g.

FPT sets Bt19.8b budget to tender for GOLD at Bt8.5 each during June 5 – Aug 8.

KTC sees +ve card spending momentum 2Q, expects to granted Nano/ Pico finance licenses frm BOT w/in Jun, oper kick-off 3Q.

MACO raised holding in LED & digital media operator, COMASS, to 100% frm 70%, also raised hlding in M’sia ad oper, Puncak Berlian Sdn.Bhd, to 65% frm 25%, aims to capitalize benefits frm LED screen in KLIA & MRT transaction to complete w/in Aug.

Comment: Becoming one of the better regional players (along with VGI) for advertising – so is this a strategy to just hold stakes? Or is there are genuine interest in managing MC firms on >10% rev growth t/g on new product lines and 50 new branches and 2 point of sales in Malaysia.

RATCH mulls nuclear PP in China, and PP in Indon and Aus, after CODs 100MW Berg-Plai PP, while Sapian PP in Laos to COD by eoy.

TTCL rcvd US$85m frm disposal of 60% hlding in TTCL Gas Power (TTGP).

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