AMATA in talk JV partner to expand waste power business, aiming to capitalize on existing clients in industrial estates, lessen reliance on IE land sales revenue.

BEAUTY extended sale promotion from 4-week to 6-week and offering discount of up to 70% from 50%, hoping to boost sales.

Comment: This is such a good time to be a buyer of retail products.

MJD expects to transfer 3 condo projects worth Bt7b in 2H.
Comment: Good luck transferring.

OISHI launches Oishi cloud kitchens allow diners to order dishes from any of all 4 outlets (Oishi Buffet, Oishi Ramen, Kakashi & Oishi delivery) and combine them into 1 order via delivery apps as dining trends shift towards home delivery.

PSH target 6 new launch in SDH projects total Bt8.78b for remaining 4mths, aiming to fill backlog from current Bt25.3b, maintaining Bt31b full year revenue target

Comment: From market leaders to market laggers, we understand that they, similar to others, are facing a massive cash crunch. Note the loss in market share by PSH this year in the SDH market….

PTTOR, a retail unit of PTT Group, plans adding 2,000 new Amazon coffeeshops in 3 years to the 3,000 total at the moment.

Comment: Boom. Everyone is the market is just waiting for the filing to be complete.

ROJNA sees full year utility sales to IE clients topped Bt10b, branches out to solar rooftop to boost revenue, sees FDI interest from JPN recovery in 3Q, 240 acres backlog ensure earnings visibility.

SCC’s JV home building retailer, Boonthavorn, to expand oversea market, expects synergy from its expertise in home building solutions, clients data and strong market presence.

Comment: By linking the retailer to the manufacturer = low prices = competition for the other players i.e. HMPRO, Thai-Watsadu in those product categories.

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