AMATA: anticipates recovery IE land sales 2Q from migration of production-base to TH from China, 70% of Bt 3.7b backlog to realize this year, in talk clients to sell 280 acres land, maintain 402 acres full year target.

Comment: What EEC story?

BEC: sees 2H turnaround as costs drop aft return 2 DTV licenses, seeks to expand content sales, offline marketing events, tap in Youtube & LineTV to boost viewers and reduce reliance on revenue from TV business.

Comment: They took the head of Line Thailand, so lets see how far they can go online.

KTC: estimate 2 JV with KTB to expand nano finance for SMEs & pico finance

MINT: urged AOT to urgently review its qualifications aft rejected its entry to bid for commercial areas in Suvarnabhumi airport.

Comment: I haven’t commented much on the duty free game, because well, why bother? Public co wise there were maybe 2 players MINT and CPN, but at the end of the day it should still probably go back to King Power whom then may have to sublease to other players.

PRM: in talk partner to raise holding in tanker operator, Big Sea, to 80% from current 70%, expects to wrap up by end-June.

PTG: expects solid 2Q from improves marketing margins on gasoline sales, larger stations network and tailwind from non-oil business, seeks to boost market share on lubricant prod, firms on Bt 140b full year revenue target.

Comment: Just a margin game, when the marketing margins drop = buy the shares, when they recover = sell the shares. But this firm is still continually growing volume for their stations and lets see how far they can take their non-oil business

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @EEC story: i would gave thought that with the USA-Chinese Trade spat there are definitely some opportunities for other countries in the region to get some business our of it, for example if the chinese relocate production. but thailand is moving far too slow here. if thailand does not wake up soon here the investment may go to other countries, for example vietnam or the phillipines and indonesia.

    So far this EEC thingie has been quite a disappointment…

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