AMATA: in talk jv Korea Land & Housing Corp to develop Korean Smart City Zone in Chonburi province, plan to apply BOI to recover investment incentives, including an 8 year corporate income tax exemption.

Comment: EEC hasn’t really gone anywhere due to delays and the usual government fumbling, and so IE’s are having to figure out direct partnerships. Not sure what the koreans are going to do here, given that the country has gone all in with Vietnam.

CPF: begins exports plant-based meat, Meat Zero, to HK & Spore, target no.1 market share of alternative protein in Asia within 3 years.

Comment: What is the COGS for such a product?

HENG: allot Bt 70m to revamp IT, aims to launch digital platform 1Q22 to reduce costs & expand coverage, plan to offer digital P-Loan as pilot projects in 3Q22, eyes CLMV expansion under mid-term plan.

OR: anticipates 4Q fuels sales vol +22% qoq as traffic gradually recovery post reopened, Café Amazon x Kitkat to roll out bakery and beverage menus to boost sales on holiday season, out on sales from Nov 15 till end Jan 22

SDC: wins digital trunk radio projects from National Telecom (NT) total Bt 3.314b.

Comment: Hopefully the group won’t be smacked with another 112 crap from the government like they did 5-6 years ago.

TRUE & DTAC called to meet telcos regulator (NBTC) for explanation on prospect of future business if negotiation succeeds & potential market domination following merger as combined mobile subscribers (32m & 19.3m) would surpassing AIS 47.3m subscribers.

Comment: Just watch both players start to make fortunes by charging us more.

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