ANAN only able to sell Bt1.169b CD out of Bt4b offering in March 30-April 1, NOBLE sold only Bt480m from Bt1.5b CD offering in April 20-22.

Comment: And this is even with the BOT backstopping things?

AOT said cannot be part of THAI’s rescue plan, in breach of ICAO principle.

Comment: But the rumour mill shall continue, THAI needs to recap asap.

BGRIM keeps 10-15% revenue growth target this year, from Bt44b last year, immune from Covid.

Comment: Yes but you’re paying 50x earnings for this name. 

LPN expects new launch projects in the system drops 30-70% yoy from 6% previous projection as buyers delay decision as outbreak persist, focus on single detached house to capture real demand.

Comment: Despite their weak performance, LPN was the canary in the coal mine when they begun issuing poor #’s 3 years ago. 

PF reports Bt2.9b property transfer 1Q20 -22% yoy from Covid-19, no issue on Bt1.45b CD matured this year.

Comment: See ANAN and NOBLE

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