ANAN to launch hi-end projects, IDEO Q Phahol-Saphankhwai, 39 storeys 1,119 units, pre-sales kick off May 25-26.

Comment: If these pre-sale numbers are higher than what the market expects, then…?  It is trading at 5x but without a doubt the real estate market has weakened 

BGC mulls M&A film & paper packaging business, seeks to branch out from bottle packaging to capture demand for packaging from e-commerce segment, will wrap up at least 1 deal by end of year

BPP upbeats 2Q earnings from strong electricity usage surging summer season, full capacity utilization at BLCP powerplants and profit sharing from JPN solar, will cod powerplants combined 114mw in 4Q including China Co-gen phase 3 52mw and 5 JPN solar combined 62mw, target 2,150mw total by end of year.

EASTW will start to book revenue from water sales to GULF-AMATA from 3Q, expects to win water management contract for U-Ta-Pao airport in 2H, sees more contract coming from completion of several industrial estates.

PTTGC tones down 2Q from maintain shutdown & employee benefits booked to meet new labour law, may see GRM shrink 2H if trade war persists.

SCB reports 330k subscribers of co-brand credit card, SCB M after 9 months, maintain 400k full year target.

Comment: Their issues are internal (bad loans) and the industry (most commercial bank loans are mortgages and there is the incremental growth rate is lower due to the fact that Thailand is aging now)

TQM reaffirms solid 2Q from higher vehicle insurance premium and tailwind from life insurance sales, in talk partner to estimate consumer fin broker, expects to finalize deal 3Q.

TU said it finds new rev source by turning leftover tuna heads into high grade tuna oil for baby formula and could increase value by 100X if it were to be developed into pharmaceutical products.

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