ANAN’s Daddy Clearance Sale Oct 6-8 was a success with Bt1,131m presales, vs Bt500-1000m target, with all ready to be transferred in 4Q23.

Comment: Massive discounts, and it’s not really a success as they’ll have to raise even more cash…

CHG sees solid 4Q on rising patients from mid-east, CLMV, and social security quota (from 528K to 612K), new specialty wards, and new hospital, driving next year growth target.

Chia Tai Investment, a unit of CP Group which earlier sought CNY15b in the Shanghai IPO, has withdrawn IPO application.

Comment: The group looks like its struggling to find ways to raise capital in entities without losing control.

CPN in collab with DUSIT will open Bt46b mix-used project, Dusit Central Park, mid-2024, comprised of Dusit BKK Hotel (257 rooms), 130K sqm Central Park Offices in 2Q25, 130K sqm Central Park Shopping in 3Q25, and 50.5K sqm residential in late-25.

Comment: Well-telegraphed pre-wuflu. Interestingly the share price is back to Year end 2019 levels.

JMART repaid Bt1b maturing bond in September, sees recovery in 2H.
JMT acquires Bt30b bad debt, boosting port to Bt500b.

Comment: Rumours abound that they can’t roll over their bonds/debentures, feels as if there is one group constantly against J Group and another that is for them in the rumour mill.

GFC sees record high revenue in September on higher patients, firms on 30% revenue growth target, on track to open Suvanabhumi, Rama 9, and Ubon clinics in 1Q24.

THANI cuts outstanding loan port end of year to Bt54-55b from Bt60b earlier, due to slowing domestic and global economy, sees flat 4Q vs 3Q.

Comment: Means the business environment out there is awful, no volume no movement.

VL sees strong demand in 4Q, fully utilized its 13 vessels total 44K DWT, sees 15% growth next year.

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