ANAN has Bt49bn backlog which will be booked as revenue until 2022. It targets revenue to reach Bt38bn. It will launch two property projects with total value of Bt6.4bn in 4Q18. (Thun Hoon, 19/11/18)
Comment: And the founder has bought back more shares in the market
COMAN notified the SET that it acquired IA Soft, a tourism software provider. It will book revenue from the company in 1Q19. It targets revenue growth of 10-15% this year and next year will be better as it will not have M&A expense. (Thun Hoon, 19/11/18)
Comment: Part of the IPO plan
SEC has accused former director, CEO of EARTH and 17 conspirators of inflating debt in order to enter rehabilitation. The SEC also told the prosecutor to sue the offenders who used insider information. (Kao Hoon, 19/11/18)
Comment: This is such a mess…I wonder what assets are available for new investors to take over. 
GPSC says if Energy Regulatory Commission will not allow it to acquire GLOW, it will continue to appeal to the Administrative Court. It expects revenue growth next year as three power plants with total electricity production capacity of 392MW will start commercial operations. It expects electricity production capacity to reach 1,922MW at the end of next year. It plans to set up an SPP power plant in Myanmar next year. (Kao Hoon, 19/11/18)
JMT expects revenue growth of 30% this year, in line with NPL growth. It negotiating to purchase 2-3 packages of mortgage and non-mortgage loans with total value of more than Bt1bn. The deal will be concluded in December. It expects its debt management portfolio will reach Bt170bn. As for Phoenix Insurance, it expects earnings to turn around and plans to expand abroad. (Thun Hoon, 19/11/18)
Comment: A quick recovery in the share price, and if the economy does continue to weaken and if IFRS9 does finally come into effect next year…shouldn’t there be huge amounts of debt available in the market for JMT to buy?
MGT targets revenue growth of 10% next year. It will book revenue from subsidiary Megachem Plus, MML and PI for the full year of 2019. It expects 4Q18 results to grow at the same rate of last year. (Thun Hoon, 19/11/18)
ORI is confident in its fundamental solidity. It expects revenue growth of 15-20% per year for five years (2018-2022). It expects recurring income to reach Bt4bn per year. It plans to set up an REIT worth Bt12bn; it has Bt3.5bn backlog. It also plans to launch property projects with total value of Bt32bn next year. It will set prices consistent with its target customers. It expects little impact from the new mortgage curbs. (Thun Hoon, 19/11/18)
PTT has paid Bt56bn dividend and taxes to government in 9M18. Since listing on the SET, it has paid the government Bt840bn. The SEPO (State Enterprise Policy office) targets proceeds from state enterprises at Bt168bn next year and PTT is tagged to pay Bt18bn. PTT will pay its next dividend in March. The market expects PTT’s dividend to be Bt12/share next round. The Finance Ministry holds 51.11% in PTT. (Kao Hoon, 19/11/18)
SSP reported 3Q18 earnings growth of 119%YoY. 9M18 earnings grew by 41%YoY, backed by commercial operations of power plants in Japan with capacity of 39MW. It expects electricity production capacity to reach 90MW next year. (Kao Hoon, 19/11/18)

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