ANI sets 25-30% rev growth target next year on higher airlines partners to cover Europe, with supports from shareholders, III and SKY, while SJWD mulls taking a majority stake.

Comment: I do like the business here, it was the main value driver for III.

ASW revised FY23 launch plan to 15 project worth Bt 30.26b from 12 project worth Bt22.5b prior, up launch plan to 5 project worth Bt15.1b in 4Q, 4 project worth Bt6.4b, kick-off transfer in 4Q, while 10 project total Bt 23.17b scheduled to transfer next year.

BEM reported record high MRT ridership in November at 430,000 trips per day, lifting 11M23 average +48% YoY to 390,000 trips per day.

Comment: And you thought WFH was going to last forever…and you thought tourism is still weak…

BTG sees lower raw material costs to boost profit margin, sets Bt4-5b capex for next year to expand food and protein (52% of capex).

Comment: Yes raw mat are lower this year, but still far higher than 2019, and 2024 is a US election year….historically you’ll see that soybean prices spike…

DMT reported Nov Don Muang toll way traffic hits rec high at 114k trips/d thanks to robust traffic to DMK airport on tourism boom, positive momentum on holiday season to boost Dec traffic, maintain FY average daily traffic at 110k trips/d, 30% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: See BEM

MGC’s unit, SIXT Rent a Car (TH), takes delivery of Mini & BMW total 60 units to expand premium short-term rental service.

SABUY: SET says it has not detected naked shorting in SABUY stock through 2 brokers. Co.’s CEO disagrees with that assessment and will now compile names of investors affected and propose the case for Department of Special Investigations consideration next Tuesday.

Comment: Waitttttt so the SET checked through 2 brokers?? Ohhhhh so clever, what about the other 20 or so? We know that 3 brokers are the ones facilitating the machine trades, KKP, Kingsford and KGI.

SPA will announce plan to expand into physical therapy business as well as its more general 2024 business plan by the end of the year.

Comment: That’s a completely different set of services to offer. Best of luck, good to see more competition in this space. Let me promote a friends place, Form , best physio’s and service in town.

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