AoT to seek Dec nod for new terminal – Airports of Thailand (AoT) Plc will ask the cabinet as early as December to approve the construction of a second terminal at Suvarnabhumi airport to serve more passengers. AoT board chairman Prasong Phunthanet will meet Transport Minister ACM Prajin Juntong today to discuss the construction plan which will replace the costly second-phase development of the crowded airport. (Bangkok Post, 30/09/14)
Comment: In reality AOT has to reopen Terminal 2 in Don Muang as well as expanding Suvarnabhumi Airport.

AQ approves to buy Villa Nakarin shares worth Bt176.6mn and expects payback period of 2.5 years. It believes the investment will increase its competitive advantage and profitability. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

BEC refuses to accept NBTC’s latest ruling – Bangkok Entertainment Co (BEC), the concession holder that operates Channel 3, has again refused to comply with the broadcasting regulator’s latest resolution requiring it to migrate its analogue TV programming to the digital platform via a simulcast. (Bangkok Post, 30/09/14)
Comment: Well BEC has been given an additional period to still continue broadcasting, looks like the NBTC won’t be able to force BEC to shift to using digital TV 100%

CCP to book extraordinary income of Bt80mn in 3Q14 from the listing of SMART and land sales. It is confident that revenue this year will reach Bt3bn. It has set a revenue growth target for next year at 15%. Currently it has Bt2bn backlog and expects to sign new contracts worth Bt700mn. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

CGD to start trading on the SET today. Management said that this will help increase both local and international investor confidence. It expects revenue this year to jump due to transfers of Elements Srinakarin condo, which will bring it back into the black. It plans to file to set a REIT worth Bt1.4bn within October. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)
Comment: Well, depsite the fact that firm hasn’t made a profit for the past few years, an increase in capital, stock price movement and value it can shift from the MAI to the SET, its now trading @ THB 14bn despite the fact that numbers can’t justify its valuation.

BLAND has so far used more than Bt1bn to buy back 477 million shares over the last two months. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

BTS has so far used a total of Bt925mn to buy back its shares. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

DELTA expects strong growth performance in 3Q14 from 2Q14 net profit of Bt1.5bn as it booked extra income from selling the stake in subsidiary DEU. The company expects revenue growth of 10% YoY in 2014 due to solid growth of IT business and will conclude the European firm acquisition in 4Q14. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/14)

Exports helped by Europe, Malaysia, Japan — GFPT said that the exports to European markets, along with Malaysia and Japan will help push export sales in 3Q14. It plans to expand its business in Russia and Philippines further. It is confident that revenue this year will grow by 8- 10%. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)
Comment: The best pure chicken co in Thailand.

LALIN will launch a new brand for its single detached house project, Laceo CRIB. The company has seven projects of this brand with a total value of Bt6bn. It is also developing smart home systems to cater to new generations in both Bangkok and the provinces. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

OISHI expects 20-25% growth in its food business this year backed by its promotional campaigns such as the “Shabushi Buffet Celebration 100 Branches Eat Free 100 Persons” on October 4. It will invest Bt30mn more in promotions in all of the 100 branches during October as it expects the campaign will help raise customers by 10-15%. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

SIM’s mobile phone sales increased to 1mn units supporting 3Q14 performance YoY. The company aims to launch a mobile phone which can display digital TV and maintain sales target of 4.5mn units. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/14)
Comment: SIM’s growth profile is declining and declining, its wonderful days of growing 50%p.a. for the past 2 years are over.

SITHAI and a foreign partner will do OEM for beverage business. Management is will either take over a firm or set up a new factory to handle two new beverage products. The company expects a good performance in 3Q14 due to seasonality. It will invest Bt1bn into business expansion in 2015. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/14)
Comment: This is positive for SITHAI because its currently its #1 in its industry with a limited growth profile

TAE 3Q14 earnings will be good supported by the up cycle of ethanol and the startup of its 3MW biomass power plant in October, which is expected to help lower electricity costs by up to 90%. It will also pay a dividend of Bt0.10/share; XD Oct 2. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

THCOM issues a Bt4.55bn bond, with 5-year maturity and coupon rate of 4.28% and 7-year maturity with coupon rate of 4.68%. The bond will be open to both retail and institutional investors from 29 September – 1 October. The funds will be used to repay debt from Thaicom 7 and invest in Thaicom 8. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)

UNIQ successfully places 67mn shares with Capital Group and Franklin Templeton at a price of Bt9.03/share. The company said both funds believe the company’s financial stance is strong and it has very good business potential. The company is planning to file documents to bid for the North Green line today. (Kao Hoon, 30/09/14)
Comment: Well done to this mid-size contractor to be able to attract funding and grow to compete against the larger players

UV is studying to do renewable energy via Esco Venture subsidiary. Management expects a good performance in 2H14 and expects 2014 revenue of Bt9.17bn from revenue from its property business. The market expects UV to set up an REIT worth Bt10bn in early 2015. (Thun Hoon, 30/09/14)

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