AOT: SIA offers free Long-term parking for 6 days from Dec 9 (8am) -14 (5pm), allows travelers using airport to fly off on long weekend with peace of mind.

ASIAN sees pet food order spiked from UK, US & JPN as Covid have made people spend more times with pets, expects windfall from 2nd wave of lockdown abroad as demand for restocking of canned food, ready meal & frozen seafood grow.

BGC upbeats 4Q earnings from strong bottle sales volume on improving consumption, festive season & tailwind from stimulus.

Comment: Even though I consider the company a STD infested prozzie, it is “cheap” on relative valuations.

GPSC: PTT raised holding by 8.9077% to 31.7176% of total outstanding last Thursday (Dec3), SEC filing.

ICHI sets 20% sales growth target next year, on higher demand for healthy beverages and revenue from Japanese OEM customers.

JKN sets Bt5b revenue target in 3-year and Bt10b in 5, hoping to be added to SET50. It sets Bt3b for next year, by boosting e-commerce and contents business, Bt1b capex for investment in fermented tea business.

Comment: SET50? Oh pls…..Ok fine, if they are able to achieve profits of THB 10bn then I can see the argument for it, for that to happen they’ll have increase revenues by 10-20x.

KEX: Kerry Express (TH) opening for IPO subscription 300m shares, tentative price range Bt25-28/share from December 8-14.

Comment: Watch the pop

MTC sets 20-25% loan growth target next year, while capping NPL at 1.5%.

Comment: With banks pulling back liquidity, its only normal that players such as MTC & SAWAD hoover up the demand

NER sees bright prospect next year, targeting Bt22b revenue on higher demand and new clients, sets 410K tons sales, running at 100% capacity.

SNC anticipates solid turnaround 4Q profit above Bt100m supported by surging OEM orders of air condition & compressor parts on improving auto market.

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