AOT reports 46m passenger this fiscal year ending Sept 30, higher than 43m forecast, sets 110m target for next year, which will depend on China relaxing travel curbs, sees back to pre-pandemic in 2024.

Comment: And India…jesus christ, this country has to get its head of it a$$ and realise there are more indians than Chinese, and india is going to be far wealthier per person over the next decade.

ASIAN: local fund, KSAM, raised holding by 0.0964% to 5.0287% of total outstanding on Wednesday.

CV will sign 3 community power PPA combined 19.8mw with Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in 4Q, expects transaction of 60% acquisition in

STARK: local fund, BBLAM, raised holding by 0.0121% to 5.0115% of total outstanding on Wednesday.

Comment: What do they know?

TEGH: a holding co., operating rubber business, crude palm oil, renewable and logistic, Thai Eastern Group Holding, debuts IPO 270m shares at Bt4.8 apiece, KBANK & Trinity joint lead.

TRUBB sees continued growth in 3Q on economic recovery, pushing demand for rubber and windfall from weak THB, as 45% are exports.

TTB board meeting today may consider rate hike both loan and deposits, while SCB board to meet October 3.

Comment: Every bank is going to have higher NIMs which will helpful them refill their equity bases over the coming years.

WHA reaffirms record high revenue this year, +20% yoy, on all segments, IE, logistics, power&ultilities, and digital business, firms on 1,650 rais land sale target and delivery of 51K sqm warehouse in 4Q, and divest Bt5.4b assets into WHART and WHAIR.

Comment: Well done to the management team for getting BYD. Where’s AMATA in this? Nowhere, AMATA relies mainly upon the Japanese and they aren’t expanding in Thailand.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ AOT/India: My bet is currently on India rather than on China – regarding tourism as well as regarding the overall future economic development of both countries.

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