AOT reported 7 days passenger traffic via 6 airports under management during Songkran fest (Apr 11-17) +22.7% yoy to 2.49m travelers, aircrafts movement +15.3% yoy to 14,934 flights.

Comment: And voila….2025 is going to be higher. And people still don’t believe it yet.

ASW anticipates 2Q turnaround from completion of 4 condos total Bt6.6b, tailwind from ongoing transfer of 2 SDH projects.

Comment: Well…not sure about this company – and how it isn’t bankrupt yet.

BH reports Bt1.98b 1Q, +25.3 yoy, beat Bt1.78b consensus, thanks to robust traffic from both Thai & non-Thai patients, with 33.5 : 66.5 revenue mix, net margin came in at 30.2% vs 26% 1Q23.

GPSC teams up with Denmark partner, SEABORG, to study SMR Technology (Small Modular Reactor) to promote clean energy & reliable power gen, enhance national security.

Comment: Nuclear is coming….finally and then the cost of power will be great (for users) again. But it’s not for our generation…(i’m in my 40s), our kids will benefit..we get to suffer with the stupid renewable $hit

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    concerning nuclear energy: admittedly it’s clean concerning CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions but the big elephant in the room here is the disposal or storing of nuclear waste. and if that matter cannot be solved satisfactorily, the next generation will have to handle that problem in the next few decades latest.

    • Has not been an issue for decades…gen 1 nuclear stations were already amazing, gen 2 is what exists in EU and US, China is installing Gen 4….

      • peter satrapa-binder

        sure, the technologies are safer and better now, but they still produce some nuclear waste. so, even if it’s much less with the newer stations, over the decades it still would pile up somewhat.

        of course, if we would manage to use nuclear fusion for energy generation in meaningful volumes in the near-term future, that would be a total game changer.

  2. Pon, excuse a somewhat odd request, krub. I restructured my portfolio a long time ago – out of equities like ORI and into high yield Income Funds. we’re late 70’s early 80s and the logic is to be (relatively) capital risk free, with Thai and foreign (pension) income stability. I’d evaluate the SET to be be unstable, at best, throughout this year. P.T.’s ‘helicopter money’ scheme is likely to cause more foreign fund outflows this year. A negative decision on the future of the MFP could represent a buy opportunity for our liquid funds. if you were a betting man, what odds would you give on the decision by the Court. Tia – and best regards.

    • peter satrapa-binder

      just looking into your conversation. if i was a betting man i’d bet on the dissolution of the MFP. i believe that otherwise things would not have even gotten as far as the EC petitioning the court or the court accepting the EC’s petition.

      • Thanks Peter. Depressing but as you say, likely under the ‘rules’ the Kingdom operates under. But – there is a new game coming to town, even if the old guard pretends to not notice. In 5 or less years time, social media will see the end of it, unless we go backwards to coup #99.

        • peter satrapa-binder

          i believe that even if the present old guard will die of old age, their children and younger relatives will be the ‘new old guard’.

          • I am more optimistic. As the saying goes ”putting lipstick on a pig” is not going to change the minds of those who, essentially, voted against Puke Thai and its inbred corruption. Realistically – the fix was in to bring back Thaksin. Fortunately for him, it is alleged that he had the foresight to make a loan to the right person at the right time. The only ace he has up his sleeve is to have Yingluk absolved completely of all of the remaining charges and engineer her re-appointment as PM. The rest of the family suffers from a distinct lack of inherited political acumen (and brains, apparently). would love to open a debate on that rag Asean Now. enjoyed this, thanks Peter and, always to Pon, (the artist formerly known as Prince) 🙂

          • Peter Satrapa-Binder

            Same here. But then i guess you will have a bigger chance than i do as you are younger than me. 🙂

  3. I learn from and enjoy your opinions on Thai economics and the market, but your opinion on ‘renewables’ is confused. As you are relatively young you will live to see which argument is irrefutable.

    • Where is/are my analysis/viewpoints of the renewables space confusing? I have been looking for analysis & information that renewables are the saviours that they are marketed to be.

      Wind is useless.
      Solar is useless
      The damage done to grids are immense.

      • Pon, your observation about Thailand never changing is correct. You might smile at an update from my broker: ‘We don’t worry if there is no Pita or MFP is terminated.
        They will set up new party name and new leader.
        that explains where the expression ”same same but different” comes from .555
        as for renewables – if only the hot air emanating from Srettha could be harnessed.

          • :p

            I do want to be proven wrong regarding the current definition renewable’s…but the energyROI is rubbish…

        • Doesn’t just apply to Thailand – most countries/cultures operating systems do not change quickly. Unless there is a dramatic shock to the system…

          For example, do you remember how good life used to be pre covid?
          What about all the street protests in Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain etc – all forgotten.

          • This is Just my opinion, because i care about this country as a guest for 26 years – Thailand’s changes are somewhat unique: military coup/ 2 Judicial coups in succession (2020 and anticipated in 2024). Is that a fair description? However, I’m going off topic. My portfolio going forward is AOT for capital growth and DIF for 10% income, (net of w/h tax & lease amortization). unless you have a good ganja play, now that the flour merchant is in charge of national production.?

          • AOT…yes safeish.
            IVL, SCC easier turnarounds for 3-5 year time horizons…
            DIF – no idea…
            ganja play – nope…all rubbish…it was just a pure ploy to enrich the buriram boys at the cost of the taxpayer.

          • thanks, Pon, for taking the time to look at my investment thoughts. I’ll check out IVL and SCC in more depth than I have, previously. DIF, I updated my assessment of yield and safety, by providing for the need to amortize the market value of each unit over the remaining lease terms for the digital towers. I’m not gonna be around in 2042 anyway. (just turned 78/wife 82 no dependents). there is the slight risk that the tenants (DTAC/TRUE) could default. I read a while back that AIS might spin off their towers in an IPO. But the sentiment in the SET volatile – so an IPO of that cap valuation would need some serious international investors, who have all but disappeared. the announcement of a spin off would certainly pump the price of AIS. Ganja has become a political football anyway. stay happy and well.

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