AOT to sell 2nd round of TOR for duty free pick-up counter at DMK airport on Jan 20 as only 1 bidder participated 1st round.

AWC holds press conference for new business cooperation at InterContinental Hotels Group.

Comment: Still an overpriced behemoth.

BBL seeks shareholder approval for Permata acquisitions upcoming AGM in February, expects transaction completed within 3Q20.

Comment: And now KBANK is in the news for buying a stake in a bank in Myanmar.

BEC inked deal with Tencent-WeTv to expand media platform & audience bases in China, aims to boost content sales, will launch CH3+ application for mobile device in February

Comment: Well….not sure that this actually adds anything to the bottom line for BEC..time will tell.

DEMCO said to emphasize on private PPA and community powerplants, firms on Bt3b backlog.

Comment: This year is the first year that all earnings are back to normal for DEMCO. Re-rating possibility?

EKH to cod new pediatrician building (infant clinic) on January 17, lifts capacity to 136 beds, seeks to expand specialty clinics to boost margins, target 8-10% revenue growth this year.

GPI plans the 2nd Yangon International Motor Show 2020 during February 22-23, with 80% of the space booked, expecting 20K visitors.

Finance Ministry may submit Chim Shop Chai 4th phase for Cabinet approval today, to include modern trade, cigarette and alcohol beverage, but excluding smartphones to boost spending during CNY, Tabloid. Cheers for CPALL, ROBINS, MAKRO, CPN.

Comment: Helicopter money part 4

STEC expects to secure at least Bt40b of Bt200b current bidding, eyes Bt35b full year revenue growth target, Bt95b backlog to realize over next 4 years.

Comment: All contractors had a good bump yesterday.

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