AOT reports passenger traffic at SIA during TNY Apr 9-18 at 1,874,866, +7.18% yoy, aircraft movement +9.73% yoy to 10,306 flights during holiday.

Comment: This is interesting, because it may imply that the increase in travellers may be Thai’s going abroad as opposed to tourists visiting Thailand given the latest tourism data.

BEC board to make decision whether to return how many DTV licenses from current 3 on hand before May 10.

SAMTEL to sign Enterprise Planning Software (ERP) projects for Provincial Electricity Authority worth Bt5b in May, expects to win at least Bt10b additional projects this year, firms on Bt10b full year revenue target supporting by Bt7b backlog.

Comment: Ohhhh could the ICT sector return?

SAPPE upbeats 2Q earnings from strong drink sales on summer season, allots Bt200m to expand beverage products capacity and add snack products on line up, target 30% revenue growth this year.

SPALI to launch Bt20b Supali Icon Sathorn May 25-26, starting at Bt9m – Bt280m/unit.

Comment: They appear to be confident in their products selling well regardless of the new regulations.

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