AOT: board approved plan to estimate 2nd terminal, nodded a 50% discount in landing fee for int’l charter flights at 6 airports under management for 5 months from Dec1,19-Apr30,20.

Comment: Why? This doesn’t boost tourism numbers. If all airports do this isn’t it just a race to the bottom?

BH: debut special clinic for Aortic valve stenosis & Atrial Fibrillation, offering heart valve replacement surgery, aortic valve implantation.

CPW: upbeat 4Q earnings from strong Apple prod sales, sees strong demand for gadgets and IT products on seasonal, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: The usual play is COM7 for this.

JAS: expects to pay special dividend from Bt 7b gains from Bt 38b assets disposal to JASIF, tabloid.

Comment: A special div for Pete to pay the SEC fine?

SUPER: 9.9mw waste powerplants in Pichit province to cod in December, 422mw windfarm projects in Vietnam on track to cod 3Q20.

WHA: will book Bt 4.8b revenue from assets sold to WHART in 4Q, in talk to sell 200k-265k sq.m. warehouse to international courier, ink deal 4Q.

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