AOT’s gathering info on Bt36b 3rd phase upgrade of Donmuang airport, target 50m pax/year, with bidding in 2024 and COD in 2029.

AOT sees fiscal 2023, ending Sept 30, 2023, pax exceeding 120m at 6 of its airports, 25% higher than forecast, with 170K/day at Suvarnabhumi alone.

Comment: More economic activity coming.

BJC delays BigC’s US$ 1b IPO, will enter HK in Sept aft acquiring 24 outlets of grocery chain, AboutThai, in the city, SCMP.

Comment: Hmmm, that’s the 2nd major IPO cancelled for Thailand this year. I don’t view this as a negative, these mega ipo’s have been sucking capital away from decent mid size companies.

CKP and BEM in collab to pioneer the use of solar energy for mass transit rail systems, which run 71kms and serve 54 stations in BKK and Nonthaburi.

Comment: To charge what? The ticket systems? The toilets?

EPG reiterates 10% revenue growth target this year (ending Mar 31, 2024) from Bt12.2b last year, on stronger demand, with GPM to stay in 30-33% range.

GFPT maintain 8k tons 3Q poultry sales volume target from improved demand from JPN & China, sees margin widen 2H from lower freight rate & feedmill costs, eyes 5-8% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: This is one of those names where if you just “time” the cycle correctly you can comfortably do 20-40% every 3-5 years on the name.

KCE’s installed 4 units of high density interconnect PCB, target cod by end of September, expects sales & margin recovery from demand for EV brake & autonomous driving system (Radar/LiDAR).

LH will launch showcase event of 2 up mkt SDH project on Sept, VIVE Krungthep kritha (49 units starts Bt 36m) & ; VIVE Bangna km 13 (95 units starts at Bt 32m).

Comment: Without a doubt the best run property developer in Thailand.

PSP: lubricants, grease & rubber process oil producer, PSP Specialties, debut IPO 350m shares at Bt 6.2 apiece, CIMB & Kasikorn Securities joint leads.

Comment: Great pump on its first day, the market is back.

A group of STARK’s individual bond holders lodged complaints with the SEC, accusing KBANK of malfeasance in selling them now-defaulted bonds, despite the term said were meant for institution and AI only, seeking full compensations.

Comment: Ah the $hitshow continues. KBANK isn’t going to lose this, it would’ve been well disclosed in the legal documents.

  1. arf arf solar toilets. excellent. th34at’s right up there with one of the major stores selling me an electric iron in 1999 that they claimed was Y2K proof 🙂

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