September passenger growth strong— AOT reported strong passenger growth at 21% YoY in Sep 2013, the 12thmonth in a row for double-digit growth. International passengers grew 19% YoY and domestic passengers picked up 25% YoY.(Company, 16/10/13)
Comment : The other thing here to notice is the growth of domestic passengers, this is also in line with the growth of low cost carriers
Sells plot of land— BLAND sold a plant of land over 300 rai to SIRI near Sri Nakarin for Bt9bn. This lifted BV per share to Bt3.45.(Khao Hoon, 17/10/13)
Comment : This is of course positive news for bland, but the rumour has been floating around the market for a few weeks now
Expects 9% growth this year— BIGC is confident that earnings growth will be 9% YoY in 2013. It also plans to venture into the life insurance business, with 50 of its branches offering this service by the end of the year. It targets revenue of Bt1.2bn from insurance within three years.(Khao Hoon, 17/10/13)
Comment: with Tesco showing negative growth and bigc with slowing growth when will these consumer names finally drop from their lofty valuations?
MRTA to urge BMCL recap plan rethink— The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand board is expected to ask BMCL today to review its recapitalization plan, which would reportedly dilute MRTA’s shareholding structure in the company. A transport Ministry source said BMCL’s plan to increase its registered capital may reduce the MRTA’s shareholding from 25% to 11-17%. According to the source, this would violate the MRTA Act, which requires the MRTA to hold a 25% stake.(Bangkok Post, 17/10/13)
Comment: Is the MRTA broke?
Says 3Q13 profit reached Bt677mn— IVL says 3Q13 net profit reached Bt677mn after the MEG plant in the United States returned to production. It raised its flood damage provisions to Bt451mn.(Khao Hoon, 17/10/13)
Comment: little do people realise is that IVL the world’s largest player in its industry
New subscribers pushing profit up— JAS profit is expected sharply increase due to 60,000 new internet subscribers and 70,000 new FTTX subscribers. This increase will continue through 4Q13 and push earnings for the year up 48% YoY.(IQ Biz, 17/10/13)
Expanding LNG plant capacity— PTT will expand the capacity of its LNG plants. It expects the second phase to be completed by 2017, boosting storage and gas transformation to 10mn tons per year.(Khao Hoon, 17/10/13)

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