AOT sees passenger thru Suvarnabhumi airport at 180K/day, with 60% rise in Chinese tourists in Mar, may exceed 141.84m this year target.

Services along the MRT Yellow Line, operated by BTS, were suspended from early morning til midnight yesterday after parts from the monorail’s tracks fell on to the road below, damaging several vehicles. BTS with 75% stake, STEC and RATCH are among the consortium who owns the rail operator.

Comment: I mean….c’mon. Cheap incompetence again from these players?

CPN to open Central Nakornprathom tomorrow, boosting lettable area to 2m sqm and 1H24 performance, firms on 10% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: What’s the magic sauce that central has, that the other players don’t?

MC sets double digit sale growth in 2H24 on new products and MC Outlet.

MJD’s backlog rose to Bt4.4b, on higher-than-expected sales at Munich Charoenkrung luxury condo, Bt1b presale on 1st day, and Munich Promphong’s Bt3.4b in 2 months.

Comment: Average quality & high pricing = great profits.

SISB may see Bt908m this year net profit, +39% yoy on higher enrollment and new campus, Tabloid.

Comment: We, parents, are being screwed….but we are still paying these fees.

Bangkok Post reports GULF consortium, OR, ADVANC and KTB, are the strongest among those eyeing virtual banking licenses.

Comment: What’s the point of the virtual banking licenses other than to block genuine competitors to the oligarchs of Thailand?

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding MRT yellow line: being a frequent user of both the new monorail system as well as the older MRT and BTS lines i do have the impression that the older systems are of better quality than the new ones.

    • It was rumoured – I have no way to verify this – that BTS was buying cheap Chinese parts for maintenance – but I was told this back in 2017, no idea what the truth is.

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