Electricity Generating Authority (EGAT) to open bid for 45mw floating solar projects at Sirindhorn dam on August 20, SCC, GPSC, SPCG, GUNKUL, WHAUP, EPCO expected to join.

New sugary drink taxes structure starts from October 1, drinks containing 6-8g of sugar/ 100ml will be charged Bt 0.3, 10-14g/Bt 1/ltr, 14-18g/Bt 3/ltr, >18g/Bt5/liter.

Comment: Which companies get hurt here? Well Thai Beverage, listed in SG is one, and the juice players i.e. tipco that still have high unnatural sugar content

AOT: Bt 42b SIA terminal 2 expansion, Bt 75b Phuket International terminal and Bt 55b Chiangmai international terminal outlined as urgent investment projects to be implemented, transport minister.

CKP: Office of National Water Resources wrote to the Lao government, asking authority to suspend trial run of 1,260mw Xayaburi hydro powerplants following rapid decrease of water level in Mekhong river, CKP holding 37.5% of the powerplants.

Comment: Speaking to geologists and environmentalists throughout the year has opened my eyes to the negative impact these hydro plants and specifically dams have upon the environment. And one should not be surprised to see further droughts throughout the region as a result of this development

PTT: plans to sign a gas sale agreement with RATCH to supply gas for 1,400mw Hin Kong powerplants after the company inked deal with authority (EGAT) last Friday.

SMM: co., name change to Stark Corporation Pcl, ticker change to STARK effective today.

SUPER: reaffirms big jump 2Q from higher capacity yoy at 964.72mw, target cod 50mw VN solar before eo-3Q, mulls to bid 200-300mw Malaysia solar project in August, SUPERIF open for IPO subscription 515m units at Bt 10 apiece from today till Aug 5.

TPOLY: awarded contract to build renewable powerplants from Siam Power worth Bt 990m.

Comment: The issue for TPOLY is that despite their, at times, impressive backlog, because TPOLY – TPCH are basically one you don’t see the full benefits of these construction projects in TPOLY’s #’s

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