AOT’s Mae Fah Luang-Chiang Rai International Airport will be closed until Wednesday after a Nok Air passenger jet skidded off the runway on Saturday night.

COTTO hikes ceramic tiles & flooring products price by 1-2% on higher energy costs, expects 2H sales fairly even with 1H, sets Bt400m budgets for efficiency upgrade, jv overseas partners & expand outlets, raised revenue growth target to 17% from 5% earlier.

EKH reported July IPD beds fully occupied, expects positive momentum 3Q from Covid related services revenue, higher traffic on rainy season, contribution from IVF clinic, maintaining 10-15% FY revenue growth target.

GULF invests Bt5b in a 50:50 venture with GUNKUL to set up Gulf Gunkul Corp to invest in alternative energy business here and abroad, target 1 MW in 5-years.

Comment: Analysts have been writing that this is negative for gunkul until GULF helps to pump in projects into the JV. I just wonder at what point are they going to IPO this JV.

HMPRO opened 94th branch, HomePro Future Park Ransit, target residences living north of BKK & Pathumthani province.

NRF’s Pet food plant on track to cod on Aug 8, firms on 50% revenue growth target.

Comment: He’s throwing shit against the board and hoping that one doesn’t stink. And you know, perhaps he can pull it off.

OR invests in Traveloka, aims to explore opportunities in travel & lifestyle sectors both domestic & overseas.

Comment: Announced a few days ago, odd move by OR…

SNNP upbeats 2H snacks sales from shopping subsidies stimulus, higher international arrivals yoy, larger clients portfolio, keeps 20% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: Taekao-who?

THAI to launch new 4 weekly flights to Saudi Arabia, starting Aug 19.

Comment: Inshallah

WHA: K-ASSET cuts holding by 0.0132% to 4.9888% of total outstanding on July 18.

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