AOT reports 60% completion of midfield satellite 1 under SIA development phase 2, target cod within November 20.

ECF reports cod 50mw solar phase 1 in Minbu, Myanmar (Total 220mw)

GULF secured Bt41b loan from 16 banks for 2,650MW powerplants in Rayong, CODed in 2023-4, reaffirms Bt33b revenue forecast this year and Bt36b next.

Comment: This company just keeps going and going, I wonder why these projects are run by government entities

HUMAN sees strong 4Q on seasonal for ERP business, firms on 10-15% revenue growth this year and 20-30% next.

JASIF said Bt2.5b new units were fully subscribed, will use the proceed + loan from BBL to pay JAS for asset acquisition.

PSTC sets Bt500-1,000m capex next year for 20% growth, target 30-50MW PPA for alternative powerplants per annum.

SMPC signs 3 contracts to supply LPG containers to US clients, in talk partner to estimate plant in South Africa capacity 2.5m units p.a. to access new market, tax benefits and reduce lead time & transportation costs, finalize deal next year.

Comment: It’s always been a cheap stock (at times) but I’ve been confused about how their margins and sales fluctuate over the years.

STEC’s got its CGR evaluations suspended for 2 years by Thai Institute of Director (IOD), as a result of bribery case against 2 executives.

Comment: And with all this news, at one point its going to be a great buy

TKN’s firm on strong 4Q, after changing distributor in China, sets to ship 570 containers to China in December.

Comment: Seeing is believing, I wonder how they booked the sales/profits for this.

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