AOT: reported 21k international passengers arrival via 108 flights on the first 2 days of May, aft test & go scheme terminated at end of April.

Comment: The YoY changes are impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ERW: completes sales of 3 hotels (Ibis Phuket Kata, Ibis Hua Hin, Ibis Styles Krabu Ao Nang) total Bt 1.05b to One Origin Hospitality, a subsidiary of ORI.

Comment: I’m just impressed by Ori, watch them IPO the hospitality arm. As a friend said “If a bank is willing to finance me, I’m developing”

HUMAN: upbeats outlook from contribution of recent acquired Indonesia HR mgt software (DataOn), sees upside from larger mkt exposure across SEA, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: The founder talks so conservatively it’s hard to get excited by this company at these levels.

PTTEP: withdraws from offshore Yetagun projects in Myanmar, 19.31% stake in the project will be allocated proportionately to the remaining shareholders with no commercial value & will be effective upon regulatory approval, refocus on projects that support energy security for the country.

Comment: Disappointed by this.

TQM: raised holding in TQR to 44.35% of paid-up, will tender remaining 55.57% (127.81m shares) at Bt 5.1 apiece total Bt 651.83m.

Fund movements

  • AAV: BBLAM raised holding by 0.0862% to 5.0822% of total outstanding on Apr 18.BCP:
  • BBLAM cuts holding by 0.0736% to 4.9982% of total outstanding on Apr 25.GLOBAL: 1Qnp at Bt 1.15b +19.79% yoy, beat Bt 1.02b consensus.
  • MINT: KGI raised holding by 0.0034% to 0.2005% of total outstanding on Apr 25.
  • PSL: KSAM raised holding by 0.2129% to 5.1995% of total outstanding on Apr 26.
  • TIDLOR: BBLAM cuts holding by 0.037% to 4.9705% of total outstanding on Apr 28.

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