AOT: cabinet approved MOU signed with Saudi Arabia to increase flights limit from 9 flights/week from each side to up to 42 flights/week, no flights limit for cargo, charter and code-sharing from both side.

Comment: Here we go!

GUNKUL and GULF to appeal Admin Court’s decision to revoke 32 land title deeds which is where Wayu Windfarm, a 50:50 JV with GULF, is located, within 30 days. Broker said worse case will only affect 1.3% of GULF’s profit and 3.3% of GUNKUL’s.

Comment: Who knows, can they win against the court? Gunkul’s owner bought back a silly amount of shares (74 million), there’s still an IPO or two coming in the pipeline, so lets see.

PQS: starch & derivative products producer, Premier Quality Starch, debuts IPO 170m shares @ Bt 6 apiece.

Comment: The perfect pump & dump.

STARK eyes double digits revenue growth target driven by cable demand for infra expansion & renewable power from both domestic & overseas, cable subsidiary Phelps Dodge Int’l schedule to transfer airport lighting cable for visual aids for SIA runway 3 & maintenance projects for runway 1 this year.

Comment: So why not pay out all that cash raised from shareholders back to shareholders as a special divvy?

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