AOT sees Jan aircraft movement thru 6 airports under management +21% yoy, international flight +41.7% yoy, flights between TH & China stands at 260 flights/d.

Comment: BKK feels quiet tourism wise but the usual tourist destinations are popping

HL signed contract with National Health Security Office (NHSO) to participate in “Gold card” welfare programme allowing patients to receive drugs at Pharmacy near their houses, will receive Bt90 service fee/bill plus Bt160/individual, aims to add 50 branches of iCare, Pharmax & Super Drug in programme by end of year.

Comment: Now this becoming an interesting name…valuation levels continue to decline etc, let’s see what happens #s wise.

KCAR expects second-hand car and car rental markets to slow as loans remain difficult to obtain from financial institution. KCAR has 9,000 vehicles for rent, 85% of its customers are large corporate and 15% in government sector, both with high purchasing power.

Comment: The sparkle in KCAR’s figures usually come from their ability to sell their cars into the second hand market and make a decent accounting profit as the car values are written off after 5 years. But there is a massive oversupply of secondhand cars out there….

LHHOTEL appointed bidding consultant, Nexus Property, to conduct an auction to recruit sub-lease of Grande Center Point Terminal 21, bid registration ~Jan 29-Feb 6, submission date will be close on Mar 1.

Comment: This should be straightfwd for LHHOTEL..

MICRO sees no issue with re-payment 2 tranches of bond combined Bt1.083b mature this year (Apr Bt321m & Oct Bt762m).

Comment: This company should be perfectly fine.

NEX expects sales to reach 5,556 units in 2024 on higher demand from transport and logistics operations. From Jan – Sept last year sales its sales totaled 3,000 units.

Comment: Your choice to play, you know the game that’s being played.

PTT board appointed PTTGC’s president, Kongkrapan Intarajang, to be the next CEO, replace outgoing CEO Auttapol Rerkpiboon, 4 years term expired in May, effective May 13, 24.

SCC sets 20% revenue growth target to >Bt500b this year, after petrochemical plant in Vietnam starts operation in 1Q and recovering packaging business.

Comment: As the queen said, those were shoddy #s from SCC

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