AOT: to pay extra Bt 243m for state property charges at DMK and regional airports for FY17/18, also expects to pay additional Bt 1.44b for FY19, according to filing.

Comment: A small drop in the cash flow making machine that is AOT

KTC: may be added to MSCI, upcoming reshuffle announcement on Aug 7, tabloid.

CPF: buys 40% stakes in Korean chain restaurant, Dak Galbi, plans to list on SET for business expansion.

DTC:  in talks to buy 2-3 hotels in Europe, expected to be completed in 2H, seeks to expand food biz to balance rev mix, will sell hotel in Maldives worth Bt2.3b to DREIT in 3Q.

Comment: With this CEO they are going to be able to achieve far more than is expected. Watch it.

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