AP plans two condo projects under the ‘Life” brand worth Bt15.4mn. It believes revenue can its target of Bt12.4mn. (Thai Post 12/7/17)

CPALL is issuing perpetual subordinated bonds worth less than Bt10bn with 5% interest rate for the first 5 years. (Thai Post 12/7/17)
Comment: Refinancing their debt with lower and lower interest rates, I do wonder if there is a study out there that shows how much of the debt in Thailand are issued by financials vs non-financials

Good news for CP Group. Korea has announced that it will import eggs for the first time in history. ( Khao Hoon, 12/7/17)

J Trust group bought another 21mn shares in GL, reasoning that the current price is lower than its intrinsic value. (Khao Hoon, 12/7/17)
Comment: Interesting that Kaohoon has gone completely quiet

GPSC plans to invest in SPP projects worth 100MW in order to increase proportion of alternative energy to 10%. (Khao Hoon, 12/7/17)
Comment: GPSC vs BPCG

PLANB is negotiating with partners in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Laos. It targets international revenue of over Bt1000 in 2020. It expects a new record for revenue due to the rights from Thai Football Association worth Bt100mn this year. (Thun Hoon, 12/7/17

PTT will have PTT Global LNG hold 10% in Petronas’ LNG producer. The deal is expected to be done within 2017. (Khao Hoon, 12/7/17)

TISCO 2H17 earnings were Bt2.99bn, or 21% growth, with 2Q17 earnings of Bt1.5bn. It reported higher revenue, lower cost, and higher quality of assets. It is ready to transfer the retail customers of Standard Chartered Thai in 4Q17. (Bangkok Biz 12/7/17)
Comment: Driven 1) low provisions 2) Standard chartered acquisition, but go through the numbers and you’ll see that loan growth was negative. 

TPIPP signals a record high for revenue from sale of electricity. It is waiting for the EIA for another two power plants. (Thai Post 12/7/17)
Comment: And this will continue for until the end of 2019

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