AP: report 7mth presales at Bt 24b account for 57% of Bt 41b full year target, target new launch 17 projects (8 SDH, 9 townhome) worth Bt 26.8b for remaining 5 months, Bt 15.52b out of Bt 54.89b backlog to realize this year, maintaining Bt 35.9b FY19 revenue target.

Comment: That’s impressive.

ERW: to open 6 hotels in Oct (4 Hop Inn, 1 Mercure & 1 Ibis), Ibis Sathorn to re-open full scale after renovation in December, expects meaningful turnaround 2H from low base, eyes 7-10% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: I’ve always used to say that you buy ERW during a tourism crisis and sell it in the recovery. Before that would be buy ~3-4 baht sell 5 and up. And this generally worked from 2004-2014. Now I don’t know if we’ll see ERW return back down to 3-4’s given the simple fact that they’ve grown.

ILINK: to submit bid for 2 submarine cable projects worth Bt 1.76b on Aug 27, Bt 500m out of Bt 2.4b backlog to realize in 2H, eyes Bt 1.03b revenue target.

ITEL: wins fiber optic projects for Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) worth Bt 127m.

JWD: anticipates solid 3Q from strong OCC (95%) of new cold storage in Mahachai opened in July, refrigerated warehouse in Bangna to cod in November, sees upside from logistic management services for Burger King Malaysia on plans to add 85 branches in 2H from current 55 outlets, firms on 20% revenue growth target.

Comment: I think that logistics is the only way to go in Thailand atm

SUPEREIF: Super Energy Power Plant Infrastructure Fund debut IPO 515m units at Bt 10 apiece.

Comment: An impressive debut, the chase for yield continues.

  1. agreed. strong start for SUPERIF. I took some profits (50% of my allotment) today. There is always a chance that there is emotional buying today. Will look for weakness, to buy back. The tax free yield is compelling. Also need to watch for the NAV report.

  2. As you say the chase for yields is on, which is generating the opportunity to cash in on capital gains.
    Is there a way to monitor what foreign interest there is in the top yield generating funds? Settrade & Bloomberg gives the top shareholders. But how up to date are those numbers? is there any where else one can monitor changes, or are the numbers just too small? at the moment, there does not seem to be a floor, as to what Supereif yields. (does I make sense?) tia. D.

      • Thanks Pon!. excuse delay, eye op last week. teriffic work by BIH eye clinic in Phuket. side thought – met 2 fellas getting same op – cateracts. 75k per eye. I had ins. they did not. If govt introduces compulsory ins. might that not induce more retirees to have hi value work done = growth. ?

          • Phuket is accessible drive for us (from Khanom, NST). Plus a 3 star costs us 700 baht. so, comparatively, what we migt save at Rutnin @ asok, we will lose at travel and accomodation. mayabe if we were not insured, we’d be more careful with the clinic costs. No dount, BIH pricing is wicked. thanks, tho’ .

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