AS forms venture co., with Bitkub, Kupplay, to expand online game platform, will launch utility token (AST Token) to use in ecosystem of platform, aims to raise fund via ICO in 4Q.

Comment: Sorry but AS owns a stake in Bitkub…AS is partly owned by SABUY – so in my books, AS, you’ve become a POS.

BCH: Capital research & Management co., raised holding by 0.401% to 5.1124% on Feb 5.

BEM sees daily avg MRT ridership topped 420k trips/d, adding 4 bogies to each train to improve handling during rush hours, cope with surged traffic volume from mixed-use project.

Comment: Oh? WFH? LMB, ridership #s are going to keep growing.

ITEL upbeats outlook from surged demand for network solutions on the back of data center infra expansion, sees potential to connect with 2 Edge Data Center to accommodate real-time computing with low latency: 5G, IoT, Autonomous vehicle, smart factories, healthcare.

Comment: The datacenter game…is odd to me…let’s see what happens when the international players show up.

PTG in talks M&A F&B business, expects to wrap up 3 deals this year, mulls spin-off waste management & renewable business to unlock value, aims to increase non-oil revenue to 30% from current 25% by end of FY25.

Comment: They’re trying to buy their way into F&B…not sure that it’s been working…

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