ASAP sees earnings bottom out 1Q, expects strong car rent in 2Q from demand for distance travel on long holidays & domestic tourism stimulus, seeks to expand corporate car rental to balance revenue mix, target 3k used cars sales this year from 1k units in FY20, will add 5 outlets of ASAP select from current 6 branches to boost sales, sees better margins than auction or wholesale.

Comment: Perhaps a great leverage play on things reopening next year.

BGRIM upbeats FY21 earnings from higher electricity & steam sales to industrial clients on improving business activities, full year recognition from ATP & Ray Power projects total 162mw, maintaining cod target on 2 projects (16mw Bo Thong projects & 124mw BPAM extension), additional projects total 270mw under consideration, will finalize additional investment in Vietnam this year.

MONO to turn profitable in 1Q21, boosted by growth in content revenue, MONOMAX-3BB GIGA TV.

Comment: Yawn zzz, this company keeps talking about profitability and have yet to deliver except in 2017.

JTS’ expansion in Data Center and Cloud Service should boost revenue to Bt100m this year, Tabloid.

SABUY with III take 50% stake in Shipsmile, provider of parcel delivery and logistics services, hoping to expand total ecosystem thru Shipsmile.

Comment: SABUY has been making rather interesting moves in the past 6 months.

SPCG sets Bt5.5b revenue target this year, boosted by gradual recognition of solar farm revenue in EEC in 3Q21, in talks for another 6-7 deals in Japan.

WHA in talk to lease 200k sq.m warehouse, expects to wrap up within 1H, target full year IE land sales >412 acres, will add more solar rooftop to boost earnings.

Comment: Similar to AMATA now, they’ve talked a big game and yet to deliver.

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