ASAP target vehicle sales >2,500 units from a 2-week event, BKK International Motor Show (Mar 27-Apr 4), expects positive feedback from new launch Changan Lumin EV & Deepal L07-S07 long range.

Comment: This will be interesting to follow, EV gov subs are still there but lower, will these oddly named EV cars do well?

BKGI: Bangkok Genomics Innovation, laboratory services provider specialized in genomics & bioinformatics, offers screening for newborns, cancer screening, detection of pathogenic genes, non-invasive fetal trisomy test, debut IPO 160m shares at Bt 1.63, Finansia Syrus leads.

Comment: On paper this is a fantastic play. I have no idea on their market share, numbers, owners etc, but damn what a first day pop.

GUNKUL sets 15% revenue growth target this year to Bt9b, Bt45b 5-year capex to expand alternative energy port.

GULF expects new virtual bank license to help accelerate its expansion into digital business.

Comment: Thailand is gone, f it, the crony capitalism system here is just too large to fight. I’m not putting a cent into GULF.

SGP upbeat 1Q earnings as LPG +US$ 20/t qoq to US$ 632/t, t/g 11-12% FY sales volume growth to 4m tons, sets Bt500m capex to expand LPG cylinder filling plant locally & expand depot in Penang.

SYNEX reaffirms solid 1Q driven by strong hardware & software sales, higher rev per bill on the back of shopping tax rebate stimulus, contribution from new product category (Nintendo merchandise), maintain Bt40b FY revenue growth target.

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