ASAP: upbeat outlook from strong car rent demand on the back of domestic tourism stimulus, surging tourists arrival, allot Bt2b budget to expand fleet size, eyes Bt4b full year revenue target.

Comment: It’s not for the Chinese to rent, the real tourists that spend money on this are already back to Thailand and you’ll begin to see the figures in the 1q23 figures.

DOHOME: anticipates double digits GPM from lower energy expense & import costs of building materials, mulls reverse provision for flood damage on Ubon Ratchathani store in 1Q, maintain 20% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: Hmmmm… their comps are going to continue to look weak for the rest of the year…still never understood how they did so well last year.

JR: awards Bt85.2m procurement contract for EV charging station project from Energy Mahanakhon.

ORI: expects to log Bt10b residential sales by end of 1Q, debut new brand, The Origin, to capture gen Y & Z, will launch 9 projects worth Bt9.9b simultaneously at showcase event Mar 23-26.

Comment: Just impressive. And goes to show that the non-listed peers are gone. Banks aren’t financing them hence why you’ll see ORI and SPALI continue to launch projects…

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