ASIAN firms on 10% revenue growth target above Bt9.5b on recovery from all 4 business, including frozen seafoods, pet foods, ready-meals and tuna, aims to keeps margins within 14-15% range, allot Bt 400m to up capacity of pet foods & frozen fried foods, revamp production line.

BAY sees weak mortgage lending from weak property demand in 2Q, shifts focus to refinance clients.

Comment: And those that refinance are going to get lower rates => lower NIMs. If you have a mortgage and are not actively refinancing you’re wasting $ on mortgage rates in Thailand.

JWD said its cold storage warehouse in Cambodia is the 1st in the country to receive ISO 22000 (Food Safety).

Comment: It took the market 2-3 years to realise the value of the assets that JWD has.

MC’s firm on 12% growth FY21 ending June 21, boosted by online sales, to continue promotion and new products to keep SSSG at 13%.

Comment: The CEO merri-go-round seems to have ended.

MTC sees new loans from motorbike hire-purchase on target at Bt500m/branch/month, expects FY21 loanbook +20-25% yoy.

Comment: People (including myself) have underestimated the market size in Thailand for motorcycle financing (new and second hand). With more players being listed peopel are finally understanding how YUGE the black market lending was in the provinces.

SGP anticipates strong 2H supported by higher revenue from oil trading business on improving activities, mulls expand LPG sales in China, Bangladesh and south Asia from recovery demand as Covid eased.

SUN expands line from sweet corn to sweet potato, target health conscious consumers

TCMC upbeats outlook after branch out from auto fabrics & flooring products to furniture business, sees demand for furniture grow in EU as people moving out of town from pandemic, seeks to expand market share from 5 brands on hand including Ashlowy Manor, AMX design, Alexander & James, Alstons, Arlo & Jacob.

Comment: Too many question marks over the quality of the management team here. Remember that their core business was fabrics for hotels (new and refurbishments)

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