ASIAN up production pet food, pre-cooked & ready meal to fill demand for WFH, expects wider margins yoy from larger sales of high value added products, eyes 10% sales growth target. Its active case finding saw no staff infected with covid.

RBF will finalize plan to build new foods fragrance, colors, flavor production plant in Indonesia by end of 1Q, expects costs <Bt250m, sees orders remained strong from Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia, firms on 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: It’s the margin improvement that shall the drive value here.

S received Bt1,793m payment for 51.56% NVD stake sale to Somwattana Group, who will tender for the remaining in NVD.

Comment: A delay of 2 weeks for the deal to be done, probably due to KTB being difficult in allowing Somwattana buying back their shares from S. According to the management team at NVD, S has been rather limiting in allowing them to execute their business plans. So let’s see how it goes for NVD over the coming quarters/years.

TFG sets Bt2.5b FY21 capex to expand swine farms and feedmill plant in Thailand & Vietnam, sees FY21 selling price remained strong from healthy demand for foods, target 15% revenue growth this year.

Comment: Swine prices have been coming off their peaks over the past few quarters, chicken prices may rise.

TPOLY sets 10% revenue growth target this year, supported by Bt5.2b backlog, and CODs of 4 PP with 26MW capacity.

Comment: In the news quite a lot but the numbers just aren’t there for years, however it’s still stupidly cheap due to their shareholding in TPCH

TU said only 69 or 0.29% of its employees tested positive to covid, said all operations are running as per normal.

VIBHA in talk FDA to get Covid vaccine import permit, will launch pre-sales once approved, sees side benefits from vaccine agent & transport business.

Comment: Isn’t it amusing that VIBHA was able to secure the vaccine before the government and then the government comes out saying “no you’re not allowed to advertise this” why? FDA is an excuse, but they’re corrupt at the top there. Imagine the amount of kickbacks they’ll lose out on if private hospitals went ahead and sourced all the vaccines themselves.

WP expects windfall from improved cooking gas cylinder manufacturing & refurbishment business as demand for hone cooking grows, seeks to expand LPG related business.

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