ASK keeps Bt37b FY loan target after logged Bt18.14b in 1H, improves debt service ability and high seasonal in 4Q to boost earnings.

Comment: And because of their product/customer base, NPLs are not going to mimic what has been seen in the motorcycle space

BA reaffirms Bt8b revenue target this year, 2.6m passengers, on tourism recovery after canceling Thailand Pass and European holiday, will remain net losses, yet much lower than -Bt8b last year.

Comment: The main value in BA remains its holding in BDMS.

BEM sees MRT rider ships hit 400k/day, expects positive momentum continued from cod of Queen Sirikit National Conventional Center, eyes 450k-500k avg/day next year.

Comment: Now just wait for the fear of covid (which is still high in BKK) to dissipate, there’s still a lot of recovery in this ridership to come.

CH: healthy snacks, granola, dry fruits, fried white scale fish producer, Chin Huay, debut IPO 160m shares at Bt2.34/share, Asset Pro leads

Comment: Now that’s how you do an IPO!

GULF to acquire 49% stake in 1,200mw Illinois power projects, Jackson Generation, total US$409m (Bt15b) from JPN’s Electric Power Development Co., transaction to complete within December 22.

Comment: Taking the shares from their former partner?

PTT board is expected to approve interim dividend within Bt1.2-1.3/share at Thursday meeting, supported by strong contribution from upstream & refiners, Tabloid.

SAMCO plans 4 projects in 2H in East and west of BKK, firm on Bt2.5b revenue target, vs Bt1.44b yoy, after recording Bt1.5b presales in 1H, a 50% growth yoy, or 42% of Bt3.5b target.

SUPER in talk to sell 49% stake in VN solar projects (Solar NT) to AC Energy VN Investment, expects to realize Bt5.49b from disposal of asset, aims to wrap up by eo-November, 30mw VN projects and 6mw waste pp in Nongkai province on track to cod in 4Q.

Comment: They’re going to have to dump their solar projects in VN as the government has finally wisened up to the fact that there was a stupid amount of corruption and its been an expensive move by the government to go down this route…

XO sees revenue growth this year to drop below 10-15% set earlier, on lower European orders and rising raw material costs, firms on 40% GPM, plans new markets and products next year and 10-15% growth target.

Comment: W. Europe is in a world of pain at the moment…friends are telling me of factories in their hometowns (not the capitals) are shutting down weekly/monthly due to the high cost of electricity…

UPOIC anticipates 2H turnaround as palm oil gradually back to normal, 80 acres durian plant will be ready to harvest next year.

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