ASK upbeats FY23 outlook on surging demand for credit for commercial vehicles, expects wider NIM this year after expand auto title loan portfolio which command higher yield than HP.

Comment: And their NPL’s and provisions have increased as well. But regardless they raised capital and they’re going to keep growing despite this.

BANPU raised holding in energy storage business, Durapower, from 47.68% to 65.1% as part of plan to revenue up growth.

Comment: On paper it looks good, I love the idea of energy storage – it’s the missing element for renewables to actually work…but I won’t be holding my breath.

BAY sets 5% loan growth target this year, 10 M&A deals.

OR sets Bt31b capex for lifestyle business expansion, focusing on health and travels, new retail stations under clean energy model.

READY: online ad & digital marketing services, Readyplanet, debuts IPO 35m shares @ Bt 7.3 apiece, KGI, Phillip, Trinity joint leads.

Comment: PUMP!

TRUE and DTAC are having joint shareholder meeting to decide on their merger plan at 2pm.

Comment: Hopefully to debate and change the stupid new ticker symbol.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ READY: yes, very much pump, with a PER of app. 46 at the IPO price and a PER of app. 90 at the current market price (according to their financial report for 2022). it’s quite expensive.

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