ASW expands into lifestyle and entertainment by taking 41.18% stake in Zaap World, to add brand value among new gens.

Comment: Other than MK suki, and perhaps now After You, what other Thai brands have actually succeeded staying in people’s minds?

CKP adds 8% more stake worth Bt21.5b in Luangprabang PP, bringing total to 50%, proceeds to build 1,460MW hydro PP to COD in 2030.

GPSC sets Bt4b capex for 114MW Glow SPP 2, after approval from BOI to replace the old one, to cater for EEC’s power demand.

NEX on track to deliver >1K EV bus in 4Q and another >6K b next year and wipe out retained loss this year, mulls launching 5 more EV categories, 6/10 wheels trucks, Van, and Bus, sets Bt5b to expand assembly plant.

Comment: The owners should keep going to the temple.

WHA sees >40 international clients expressing interests in land purchases with >3-4K rais, firms on 1.65K rais land sales target this year with 1.1K rais transfers this year.

Comment: WHA winning BYD is going to open the floodgates for their entire ecosystem.

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